Shane Rogers Band

Shane Rogers Band
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How do you describe Shane Rogers? While the following may sound overblown and questionable in it's accuracy, the guys think it makes them sound really cool so listen up. Shane Rogers grew up in the small West Texas town of Canyon just south of Amarillo. Like the wind and rain that shaped the nearby Palo Duro, the songcraft of Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard cut and fashioned Shane's soul with the stories of honky tonks, hard living, and bad women. Some time later, the strains of rock and roll also entered into his life and became the catalyst for what was to become. If the populous knew what the future had in store for them they would have started hiding the womenfolk right then and there. But the world would have to wait a little longer. After eight years of teaching Marines how to kick ass, Shane returned to West Texas. Eager to unleash a new musical vision to the masses, Shane joined forces with the Texas Roadhouse Band in 2001. Known for their blistering live shows and tight three part harmonies, Shane Rogers and the Texas Roadhouse Band have quickly found themselves doing shows with the likes of Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland and Pat Green to name a few. 2003 saw a new chapter unfold for Shane Rogers. The release of "Texas Kind of Mood" proved what many die hard fans have known for some time. It's music to fall in love to, have a heartbreak, kick someone's ass and party till your mind melts all in one package. Shane's songwriting can hit you like two fists of barbwire and leave you bleeding only to come back with a ballad so sincere and heartfelt that you forgive him till the next round. We invite everyone to come to a live show or grab the new CD, pop a cold one and join the growing army of listeners that know that Shane Rogers and the Texas Roadhouse Band is a new musical force to be reckoned with.
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Average Rating : 4.2              Total Reviews: 99

Shane Rogers Band  05/27/2011            
Great CD. This is the third time to buy the CD because eveyhing time I take it out of Texas my family won't let me bring it home. It's just that good.
Shane Rogers Band  03/07/2010            
Cant go wrong with either CD! True to Texas music, distinct sound leaves you wanting more. Can't wait for the next CD!!
Shane Rogers Band  12/16/2009            
shane rogers
wow. guess we put on a bad show in amarillo a year and a half ago! contrary to popular belief i am still alive. i don't believe i am finished just yet, but i am getting close yall. my new band is trying to get the money together for a new cd soon. i don't have money, my family doesn't have money and the truth is my fans have paid for my earlier cd's. i have come to realize you can't please everyone and the voice of decent is always the loudest. to those decenters i say sorry if you feel you wasted your time and money and we will continue to try and do better. to those that enjoy our stuff, thank you for your support.
Shane Rogers Band  07/15/2009            
Shane and his group rock!! I'm from Oklahoma and visit Lubbock often - I try to find him playing when in Texas. Keep up the good vibes. P.S, Go Jim K.
Shane Rogers Band  04/23/2009            
Dance Hall Dreamer
By the looks of things it would be safe to say Shane Rogers band is just a fond memory now. Shane had a great voice and a big heart it seems he just let to many other people get involved in his decissions which led to his actions which led to all these bad perceptions of him. Bottom line the album has good material and muscianship but the quality is not grat and the song arrangments are bad but if you ever want to remeber how much fun you had back during that time grab either CD crank it up and head out on a good ol fashion road trip. Best of luck to shane and hopefully one day he will cut another more mature album with the same strong voice.
Shane Rogers Band  04/28/2008            
Well, I used to think he had talent but now all I know all he has is a big ego! Too bad ego's have been known to destroy much better men than him!
Shane Rogers Band  03/13/2008            
Absolutely amazing, period. The hardest part is deciding whether his acoustic shows or the shows with the entire band are better.
Shane Rogers Band  03/13/2008            
From Amarillo
Saw them the other night up here in Amarillo. Heard they were great, but was a little disappointed. It sounded like they were just starting out. cant say they were anything special, just another band trying to make it big. They better keep on practicing.
Shane Rogers Band  02/10/2008            
Helotes Texas
Was once great now just a has been
Shane Rogers Band  02/05/2008            
Spur Texas
If I could give 0 stars I would. Dont waste your money. I am guessing if you have the money anyone can make a CD
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