Sisters Morales

Sisters Morales
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Sisters Morales were born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, but are based out of Houston, Texas. They grew up around a musical family, which contributed to their diverse tastes in music. They sang in Spanish before they sang in English. Their first performances included singing with mariachis in Mexican restaurants. They went their separate ways after high school to pursue their own careers, which gained them individual notoriety and awards, but most importantly their own styles. In 1989, Roberta went to visit Lisa to sing background vocals for a band Lisa put together. Within a month they knew combining their talents would allow them to create a unique sound. Both women are accomplished musicians and songwriters, each reflecting what she has gone though in her life, and both voices are very different, but their harmonies are strong and tight and sound as if they’re made up of the same voice. The incredible talents of their band members round out the Sisters’ sound. David Spencer is one of Texas’ finest guitar players. He also plays steel guitar and trades mariache-stlyle leads on acoustic with Roberta. Rick Richards keeps the backbeat solid and also adds percussion. Larry Evans adds to the bottom end and also contributes on the upright and acoustic basses. With a lot of hard work and determination the Sisters’ have built quite a following. Their performances are always described as " energetic, emotional and rockin’. "
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01/20/2006 - Return of Sisters Morales - Read More
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Sisters Morales  04/15/2007            
bartender mike
Haven't seen the Sisters since the Elvia's Cantina days. If anything, they have gotten even better(if that's possible).They had the house rocking at The Stingaree Music Festival. Can only hope to see them next year!!
Sisters Morales  03/25/2003            
Move over Patsy Cline, Move over Heart, Move over Linda Ronstadt. The Sister's Morales have you surrounded.
Sisters Morales  05/25/2002            
sister morales kick ass.great songwriting and a well put together album
Sisters Morales  05/08/2002            
Recently saw Sisters Morales in concert and they were great! The chemistry between the sisters and the audience is incredible, and so are their voices, especially the harmonies. I bought "Ain't No Perfect Diamond" and it is a great CD. Can't wait for their new CD to come out. If you have not seen Sisters Morales, you are missing a great show.
Sisters Morales  10/17/2001            
david neely
it u do not own the 2 sister's cd's, u are missing essential music.
Sisters Morales  10/17/2001            
david neely
they would just be another band if they did not not have david spencer on guitar, if it were not for the spainish, if it were not for the lyrics, if they did not so obviously love the audience and each other. there is something about a girl with a guitar but not every girl is lisa morales. and guys if roberta ever turns that smile on you, you are a prisoner.
Sisters Morales  03/05/2001            
Kim Jarrett
GO see these girls they ROCK!
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