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Insurgent Country Denton, Texas; 1992- It seems appropriate that a band which began in the back room of a liquor store and plays intense rock/country/punk focused on disturbing themes like boozing, wrenching heartache, and brutal death should be named for an object well chewed by a dog. Slobberbone was started in 1992 in Denton, Texas, by a group of friends bonded by a fondness for music and drinking. All had dabbled in a succession of musical trends, but it was the cowpunk and roots rock of the 1980s that hooked them. Led by lead singer and songwriter Brent Best, the band played around the North Texas area for a number of years before cutting the self released Crow Pot Pie in 1995. Shortly thereafter, charter members, Lee Pearson and Ed Alderson, split just as Slobberbone was about to sign a deal with Doolittle Records out of Austin. With anew bassist (Brian Lane), lead guitarist (Michael Hill), and fiddler (Scott Danbom), the group did a revamped version of Crow Pot Pie. This recording plus a showcase at SXS W 1996 with the Hangdogs and Whiskeytown gained them second looks from the alt. country community including a short profile in No Depression. And while often labeled country roots rock, Slobberbone made it clear that the emphasis should be on ROCK. Thematically, the band covers familiar country ground especially drinking ("Whiskey Glass Eye"; "Sober Song"; "Stumblin"' and numerous other alcohol related songs), and there are occasional twangy undertones (fiddle, guitar), but for the most part, Slobberbone cranks it up into high gear and never looks back. This is particularly true of Barrel Chested which, in the credits, tells the listener, "Remember: It's Rock." The recording (with Lloyd Maines and Susan Voelz) has a couple of countryish ballads ("Little Drunk Fists"; "One Rung") and a bit of bluegrass ("Engine Joe"), but the majority is flat out nose bleeding, ear ringing "twang-thrash" ("Haze of Drink"; "I'll Be Damned"; "Lame"). Slobberbone got to express their traditional countryside with a cover of "Dark as a Dungeon" on 1997's Straight Outta Boone County. Barrel Chested sold well especially in The Netherlands, and the band toured there in late 1998. A special EP, Your Excuse, with "Dark As a Dungeon," acoustic versions of "Little Drunk Fists" and "Barrel Chested" plus the previously unreleased instrumental "Boy Howdy" was issued by the Dutch label Sonic Rendezvous to coincide with the tour. --David Goodman, author of Modern Twang: An Alternative Country Music Guide and Directory
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12/22/2009 - Slobberbone, Telegraph Canyon, Scott H. Biram - Read More
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Slobberbone  12/16/2002            
[email protected]
Slippage was my first sojourn into the world of the mythical Denton, Texas band known as Slobberbone. From the first song "Springfield, IL." one knows they are in for a fun and fantastic rock n' roll ride. Brent Best, the front man/songwriter/guitarist extraordinaire really shows he possesses quite possibly the best voice in all of rock n' roll today. His husky voice soaked in gravel and cigarette smoke soars consistently throughout the album. The melodies on this album are truly engaging and work so well with many of the repetitive rhyme schemes used in the lyrics. In lesser hands those very same rhyme schemes might sound silly but not with the boys of Slobberbone at the helm. This album completely rocks and still takes time to actually say something and I find myself liking it even more with every listen. Strong and consistent songwriting is something many times not seen in rock today but Best is one hell of a songwriter. The only flaw I found on this album is that sometimes the best instrument in the Slobberbone arsenal gets drowned out, that being the voice of Brent Best. Slippage has made me a believer and sooner or later I will be purchasing all of their older work and most likely raving about it endlessly.
Slobberbone  08/27/2001            
Mr. E
As explosive a debut album since "Sorry, Ma...." and countless times more literate. Whether celebrating the ups, downs and in-betweens of inebriation (Sober Song, Whiskey Glass Eye) or pining for a guilt-filled drink with the Lord (Stumblin'), "Crow Pot Pie" is one helluva intro to the mighty f'in Slobberbone. The Johnny Cash vibe on Little Sister is just icing on the cake.
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