TJ Broscoff

TJ Broscoff
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TJ Broscoff has the uncanny power to hypnotize his audience with his unique gift of music. TJ’s songs tell a story of the many milestones down a rollercoaster life of peaks and gutters. TJ started his journey in the smokey bars and one room dives in the historic area of Dallas TX, known as Deep Ellum. At only 16 years of age, TJ was already making a name for himself, both as a headlining band and opening for several major acts that came through the area. One of the first write ups in a Local Dallas magazine said of TJ , "I see his small stature and teen like ways, but when he starts to sing it's almost like an old man trapped in a boy’s body." TJ's limited success came very fast for such a young musician and after only a few years on the circuit, major labels were taking notice. Since TJ was young , "cocky", and with little or no personal management, the pending record contracts soon became null and void. With all the insuing stress and disappointment , the band inevitably crumbled. TJ's teen and young adult life found him dating a demon, her name cocaine, and her sister whiskey.


TJ ended up selling his guitars and stealing to eat and support his drug habit. With no money and nowhere to live he ended up sleeping in the gutters waiting for his next fix. He became a wash out and left the biggest part of his life behind, his music. TJ was going down a never ending spiral into complete darkness. He was too depressed to write a song or even pick up his guitar which made his struggle even more arduous. With the support of his loved ones behind him, he pushed forward and gained hope for a positive new beginning. He battled his addictions and strived to get better in fighting every single step for his dreams.

After sobering up and finding himself TJ started writing down his life one line at a time. His soul poured out into entrancing lyrics from his life experiences. Sometimes you have to experience life in order to know what to write so you can connect with your audience. TJ feels that having a connection with your fans is the most important aspect of being an artist. TJ now had this. His songs have helped him connect with many of his fans and he hopes to reach more. When he steps on the stage and sings, his words and road-worn voice feed your soul. To see TJ play on the stage is heartwarming and captivating. His energy draws you in and not only do you hear his music, you feel it too . With his honesty, delivery, and lyrics you feel as though you're living in his world.

TJ doesn’t have a genre for his music, according to him it’s just his story in music. The sound is a mixture of all kinds . It's a Heinz 57 of sound, and is just purely TJ. The inspiration for his songs comes from artists of all genres. TJ’s unique sounds are now being heard all over Texas and the Southwest on the radio. Those interested in feeding their soul and going on a journey into TJ’s world, can find him and his band playing in a venue near you.

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