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Texas Sapphires
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Pearl-snap buttons and skull-and-crossbones belt buckles - sleeveless embroidered shirts and fullsleeve tattoos. The Texas Sapphires are not your average country band. They blend their punk and country roots to play what they know best - a unique concoction of vintage hillbilly and rock and roll, with perfectly-matched guy/girl vocals and energy-infused live shows. The Austin-based country/Americana/bluegrass band combines an old-time, classic mountain vibe with lyrics that give their tunes a modern edge. Praise for their live shows across Texas with the likes of Ray Price, Dwight Yoakam and Junior Brown caught the attention of Grammy award winning producer Lloyd Maines, who offered to produce and play on their debut CD, Valley So Steep. Austin fans showed their support by voting them Best New Band of 2006 in The Austin Chronicle and at the Austin Music Awards during SXSW 2006. Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Billy Brent Malkus, raised on the family hog farm in rural Maryland, grew up listening to classic country, but it was the punk scene he jumped into at first, playing in bands like Berserk and Mondo Generator. He co-wrote "Tension Head" on The Queens of the Stone Age's album Rated R. It was around this time that the lead singer of 80's hair-metal band Ratt offered Malkus some heroin in exchange for one of his CDs. Although flattered, Malkus declined - he prefers singing and playing over drugs and booze. Co-lead vocalist Rebecca Lucille Cannon shares similar roots, fronting 90s Austin punk powerhouse Sincola and touring with Joan Jett. With the perfect mix of Chrissy Hynde and Loretta Lynn, Cannon has found her vocal niche with The Texas Sapphires. Mandolin/banjo player Paul Schroeder, bassist Jeff Joiner, drummer Ram Zimmerman and former Cowboy Junkie pedal steel player Kim Deschamps round out the lineup. Look for The Texas Sapphires to tour extensively in 2006 in support of Valley So Steep, out now on Lowe Farm Records.
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Texas Sapphires  01/23/2009            
As a native Texan who grew up in a farming and ranching family during the 60's I know a little about country music. These guys are the best around. I have just about worn out "Valley so Steep". It is truly a masterpiece. I honestly think the Texas Sapphires are the best traditional country band on the planet.
Texas Sapphires  05/05/2007            
Listened to the live set online, Great stuff!
Texas Sapphires  01/31/2007            
also an SA honky tonker
hey man I agree, I was at Floores too and this band is pretty dang good, I totally dig the cd and I often stream the kut.org live show, good stuff all around, give them a chance and buy it!
Texas Sapphires  09/21/2006            
San Antone Honky Tonker
These guys are the real deal. I saw them at Gruene Hall a couple weeks ago and they shredded with the intensity of a punk band but played country expertly, with precision and soul. Billy Brent, who shares lead vox duties with Rebecca Lucille, is a veteran tele picker (used to see him with Nathan Hamilton) but plays acoustic in this band. The CD is about as good as it gets but you must see the band live to really appreciate the energy. They are theee current purveyors of cool in the Texas Music scene.
Texas Sapphires  08/03/2006            
i just posted a brief note on this great band the other day. but i was listening to "valley so steep" again and decided i liked it so much it deserved a review of its own. if you enjoy vibrant country&western twang with a touch of cowpunk and rockabilly, these guys (and a gal) will make your day. the lyrics are slyly humorous, and the music is everything gram parsons' dreamed of when he spoke of an easily-recognizable, essentially american kind of music.
Texas Sapphires  08/01/2006            
I don't see what the fuss is about with this band... the music is OK but the vocals are very weak, especially the girl singer. To me they're just the flavor of the week, another Austin band trying to be hip by playing old-school country. None of their songs really knocked me out either.
Texas Sapphires  08/01/2006            
This band is the realization of what Gram Parson's had in mind with his idea of cosmic american music. It swings, rocks, and twangs in equal measure. I love it, and so will anyone who is looking for pure American music.
Texas Sapphires  06/19/2006            
I also saw these guys open for Dwight a couple months ago. They had the place dancin and ready for Dwight when he got on stage. Just picked up a copy of the CD and can't wait to hear it!
Texas Sapphires  05/11/2006            
These guys are simply put great. GREAT! Have seen them a few times around town and picked up their CD at their release show. The record rocks and they just have a good sound, original and vinage at the same time.
Texas Sapphires  04/27/2006            
Gram Fan
No wonder the critics and folks around Texas are going nuts for this band! This stuff is totally new and refreshing and retro at the same time. Saw them open for Dwight Yoakam at John T. Floore recently and they were amazing. Check 'em out!!
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