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Thieving Birds
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“Thieving Birds are like a breath of fresh air for your ears and soul. These guys are destined for big things through honestly good tunes made by five great dudes.” –Bart Crow (Recording Artist/Songwriter)

“Thieving Birds are ready to roll out the rock n’ roll with this release… Great guys and a great record. Bottom Line.” -Justin Frazell (KFWR 95.9 The Ranch & The Red Dirt Road Radio Show)

Thieving Birds are a band from Fort Worth, Texas that was formed in September of 2010. These five friends combine Rock, Country, Roots and Blues to create a unique musical offering to their audience. The lyrics are thoughtful and strong being carried by the sultry and powerful voice of vocalist and guitarist Ace Crayton. The Rhythm section is filled out by the strong and solid drumming of Beau Brauer along with the precise Bass playing of Rody Molder. Guitarists John Seidler and Jon ‘Fish’ Hunt weave leads and rhythm together to create a landscape of guitar work that make you feel as if you’re moving across the terrain of their great state.

They released their debut, self-titled album on June 25th, 2011 and entertain and amuse audiences with their high- energy live sets. “All we want to do is play music together, to have that moment on stage when we’re all feeling the song, and to have the crowd share that moment with us… you can’t get that feeling anywhere else. That’s live music… that’s why we do it.’’ says Crayton.

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Average Rating : 4.8              Total Reviews: 6

Thieving Birds  03/23/2013            
Proud Listener
WOW!!! Just heard the demo from the upcoming album. What a blend of talent and sound. Each on highlights each individual component of the band members and very unique style. Rock on Theiving Birds. Can't wait for the release to come. You're gonna love it. So proud of them all. They have really blended and honed their music and come a long, long way in a short time. BE WAITING!!!
Thieving Birds  03/23/2013            
Barbara Brauer
I've heard the demo to the next album. Wow!!! It is amazing. Such tight syncopation and delivery and also a whole different emotion from all the team. They are all standing out on their own and share the emotions when you really listen. I can't wait for the album to be released. You're gonna love it. So proud of them all
Thieving Birds  01/07/2012            
A great album! One of the few that I've bought lately that I can enjoy listening to from front-to-back. It's a pretty diverse album, with an obvious country influence but an edgier, rock undertone. This album has made Thieving Birds one of my new favorites!
Thieving Birds  12/18/2011            
These guys are the real deal! All energy in their live shows, great musicians, awsome group of guys, great songs, Get their record!See them Live... Thieving Birds are a sweet sound for sore ears!!
Thieving Birds  11/24/2011            
Great CD! Great live show ! Saw them in New Braunfels..... just awesome. If you've haven't seen them, do it. If you have already seen them, do it again
Thieving Birds  08/04/2011            
This album is just amazing! I love to listen to it with the windows down in my car just a rockin! Saw them live at Wet Willies for their CD Release and they put on a hell of a show! Buy this CD, Go see them live! I promise you wont regret it!
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