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Walt Carroll
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Walt Carroll is a Texas based singer and songwriter. He plays guitar and sax and owns a small recording studio in San Angelo, Texas. It's called Texas Studio C. Walt has primarily been a studio musician over the years but has finally decided to bring some of his writing to the forefront. Thus, the album "Ride Again." Jason Sullivan is an extraordinary drummer. Although his forte has been live performance, he's also one of the solid studio drummers in Texas. Jason has toured with Aaron Watson, Lou Graham, and other bands too numerous to list. He's been the driving force in a Rock band called Seventh Rize and is involved in numerous projects. A technically superb drummer with feel and soul. He always does something that makes a track his own. Glenn Fukunaga is the bass player. What a player! His credits include recording with Bob Dylan, touring with the Dixie Chicks, and being one of the top studio bass players in Texas. Glenn is currently playing with "The Flatlanders" and "Joe Ely." Glenn was invited to participate in the project due to Walt's knowledge of Glenn's body of work. He was first noticed by Walt when he played with The James Anderson band back in the early 1980's.
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Walt Carroll  03/28/2007            
This is a great blues/Texas Rock album. Strong guitar and saxaphone influence. You always take a chance when you buy an album from an unkown artist and for me this was a chance purchase that paid off. Great interstate, long drive music. If you like Outlaw Radio, you'll like this.
Walt Carroll  03/27/2007            
Great Austin-based blues with good lyrics!
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