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Rusty Schramm
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Rusty was born and raised in Texas. He has loved music as long as he can remember. " My parents introduced me to all types of music, from the 50's, country, pop, blues, and jazz; they listened to it all. Of course, if they listened, I listened." From the age of four to 12 years old, the family lived in Lubbock, TX. "I was raised on the Maines Brothers (Lloyd Maines). I recall taking long vacation trips in the car listening to them as well as Johnny Rodriguez, Willie Nelson, Bread, Chicago, The Eagles, etc. I could literally go on forever listing all the artists that I was exposed to. Mom never could understand how I could know all the words to "Amarillo Highway," but couldn't memorize a poem for school. I'll admit, I loved music a lot more than school. A whole lot more!" At the age of 12, the family relocated to San Antonio; however, Lubbock was still in his heart and soul and he returned to attend Texas Tech University. "While in College my roommate introduced me to such artists as Lyle Lovett, Joe Ely and Robert Earl Keen, I was hooked on Texas Music from the first note." Rusty started writing songs after a meeting with a well-known country artist. His advice was write what you know, and so the major percentage of Rusty's songs are based on his real-life experiences. "I write a lot of songs about my life and what I have been through. Sometimes they are good times, sometimes bad, and every now and then I get lucky and write something that I could never claim to actually live. (Angelina, The Panty Song). The family has always had ties with the music industry. Rusty's father was an accomplished drummer in the late fifties and early sixties, backing up such artists as Willie Nelson, Ray Price, Roger Miller, Charlie Pride, Web Pierce, and countless others. Rusty's brother (Doug Schramm- Jay Eric & Blieders Creek Band) began playing drums in high school and the two started a band called Young Country. Rusty, not having skills as a musician, stuck to the writing, booking, and promotion end of the band. "I couldn't get the hang of guitar, actually I was constantly having flashbacks of my piano lesson days. I couldn't stand piano lessons. I taught myself to play Lying Eyes by the Eagles, but my instructor was cramming Twinkle twinkle little star down my throat. I never have learned how to read music. I just play what feels right." In 1993 Rusty bought a cheap acoustic guitar and forced himself to learn to play. " I really wanted it. I was really tired of going over to my friend's house to have him help me put music to my words. So I learned how to play, and started playing everywhere I could." There have been nights he has played to a bartender, waitress and one customer. "I don't think I will ever forget that night, it's one of those nights that you always want to remember. It's good for you, reminds you of where you came from and where you started, as well as where you want to go." Shortly thereafter, Rusty married and became a father. "My ex-wife was less than supportive of my music, Every time I attempted to write or practice she had something for me to do. We divorced about 4 years later." Rusty began working for a large nationwide company in St. Louis Mo. traveling all over the country just after the divorce. " That was the hardest time for me I was just recently divorced, and 1300 miles away from home, my daughter and the music I loved. People that aren't from Texas don't really understand Texans or the unique love we have for our state. I had always heard that Texas is like a different country. It's true. I guess the best way to describe it is To quote the Texas A & M saying, ' From the inside looking out you cannot explain it, and from the outside looking in you cannot understand it. " As soon as he could, Rusty returned to San Antonio. "I was in Baton Rouge, I liked Louisiana, it was really different, a lot of different styles of music combined into one. I can honestly say, had I not been in Baton Rouge, some of the songs on the CD would have never come to be. I really wanted to be home though. I missed it. I decided that money wasn't everything, came home, and put the CD together." When you ask Rusty how he feels about music, you will just about always get the same answer. "I have always known that music was going to be a part of my life. I just didn't realize in what capacity. I feel very lucky to be in the music industry, and especially lucky to be a part of Texas Music." When asked for his definition of success, Rusty replied, " If I am playing somewhere and the crowd is singing along, that's success to me. If you ever want to see a smile on my face, come to a show where the crowd is singing louder than me." "If somebody tells me they really like the words to a certain song, that is success. It means they are listening and when they listen, I can take them anywhere I want them to go. One of my first shows was for a private party. It was a birthday party for a guy in College Station. He came up to me after the show and said it was the best birthday he ever had. That was Success! I feel very lucky to be able to write and play my music. I hope I can do it forever!"
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Rusty Schramm  02/13/2005            
christine peel
where to even begin........ [email protected]
Rusty Schramm  11/10/2002            
Jennifer Woods
I had never heard of Rusty Schramm until my friend Rob Whittenberg opened for him a few months ago at Love and War in Texas in Plano. I am an avid texas music fan and I was really impressed with Rusty's sound and song writing ability. I was most impressed with Rusty himself. He is probably one of the nicest musicians I have ever met. I hope I get the chance to see him play again and wish him tons of luck with his music.
Rusty Schramm  10/22/2002            
Patti Seczelli
I tried to get this CD at hastings but they didn't have it. so im buying it here i love that texas coast song!
Rusty Schramm  07/25/2002            
Rusty Schramm
I know this isn't really the purpose of this msg board, but if you will allow me.. Renred, if you are unsatisfied with the CD, please conact me and I will be more than happy to refund your money. I hate to think that someone spent their hard earned money on my Cd and are not happy with it. Thank you, Rusty Schramm Email: [email protected]
Rusty Schramm  07/25/2002            
This album is not up to snuff...It is not horrible, but it certainly doesn't make my balls itch. I'd be interested in hearing some new and inspired music.
Rusty Schramm  06/05/2002            
Michael Lee
I saw this guy at Love and War recently...put on one helluva show. I heard a rumor that he'll be coming to Nacogdoches soon(Go Jacks!) and I hope its true! Every lover of real Texas music needs to get off his/her a$$ and go see this guy. And the dude that opened up for him Adam Lamar ain't no slouch either. Great songwriter, but damn goofy lookin'!
Rusty Schramm  03/18/2002            
Megan Thompson
I saw the Texas Independance show in Plano a couple of weeks ago. I froze my butt off, but it was a good show! It's nice to hear songs that are both catchy and GOOD songs. I see Jerry Springer in a whole new light now.
Rusty Schramm  12/11/2001            
Looking forward to the Love and War in Texas show on December 14th in Plano, Tx. Caught the show there a while back and was really impressed with Rusty amd Mike's harmony. Nice pickin' too. "It will be a stone groove my man!"
Rusty Schramm  12/06/2001            
Jamie Smith
Hey, I saw Rusty in Austin the other night....have one thing to say about him....Wonderful. I really liked his music, he seemed very pasionate about it. I would really like to see him play again. Anything coming up in San Antonio?
Rusty Schramm  12/06/2001            
Carl Miller
I went and saw Rusty in Ausitn this past week and just wanted to say that I really like his show. He was a great preformer and I would definatly like to know more about his show dates. Would definatly see him again.
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