Asleep At The Wheel

Asleep At The Wheel
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Ray Benson (Ray Benson Siefert, born March 16, 1951), Lucky Oceans and Leroy Preston were really just three alterna-culture refugees when they landed in Paw Paw, W. Va., in the summer of 1969. Their plan was to form a real live Western swing band, influenced by the likes of fellow-gonzo-swinger Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen. After drifting through Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, the band (which got its record deal when Van Morrison raved about them in Rolling Stone) landed in heart of Bob Wills country: Austin, Texas, in the early '70s. With its fondness for jazz, blues, rock and country, the band was an instant hit with the same folks who embraced Willie Nelson and the rest of the Outlaws. The band only scored one Top 10 country hit -- 1975's "The Letter That Johnny Walker Read" -- but has collected eight Grammys since then. In addition to two-all star Bob Wills tributes in the '90s, the ensemble offered a concept album Asleep at the Wheel Remembers the Alamo in 2003. Also that year, Benson (the only remaining founding member) released his first solo album, Beyond Time, which earned two Grammy nominations.
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Asleep At The Wheel  11/27/2003            
The best Texas Swing band today, hands down. Ray Benson is supurb. However the quality of their shows varies. What might seem to be the best band in Texas when playing in San Antone might be marginal at best when playing in Wichita Kansas.
Asleep At The Wheel  12/14/2001            
ben brucker
An absolute foot-wigglin', knee-hoppin', finger-tappin', head-bobbin' treat! Bob's music was(is) a great thing, and Asleep At The Wheel and guests make it shine!!
Asleep At The Wheel  11/09/2001            
John Starr
These guys have done it again! This could be the best AATW album yet. Now this is REAL TEXAS MUSIC boys and girls! Masters of thier craft, they'll have me swinging every mile I drive! This is a must for all swing cats, Bob Wills fans, and supporters of TEXAS music! Thanks AATW for keeping the flame burning! JS
Asleep At The Wheel  10/16/2001            
Rick B.
Did I miss something? Are we taking AATW for granted these days? Ray Benson might have been born a Yankee, but he's as Texan as they get now. And he's owed a big debt of gratitude by music lovers for revitalizing and keeping alive Western Swing. Whoever the guy is that wrote the biography contained on this site says their Bob Wills tribute albums got mixed results. Yeah, the mix was songs that were good, better, and great. I'm not a big fan of some of the artists who guested on the cds, but I think everybody put all their heart into honoring Bob Will and the Texas Playboys. Ray Benson has been the only constant in AATW, but as long as he continues on they'll always be a great band. C'mon folks, Texas music doesn't have to be just honky tonk and beer drinkin' music. Bob Wills created Western Swing, but it's AATW that keeps it alive and kickin' now. It's still great stuff!!! Thanks, Ray Benson.
Asleep At The Wheel  06/25/2001            
Asleep At The Wheel  01/21/2001            
charlie robison
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