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Austin Collins
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The songs he sings are earnest and heartfelt, hauntingly beautiful in melody and superbly sharp in observance. They are sweetly serious, and they are delicately crafted. Austin Collins is a bit of a juxtaposition in personality from the songs he so masterfully writesóheís a witty guy who leans more often than not on his keen sense of humor to soak up the few down moments during his shows. Heíll make you cry with a song, heíll make you laugh with a joke, and then heíll make you cry again if he feels like it. Jokes are one thingówe all have a friend we can count on for a good laugh. These songs of his, thoughÖ Not many people have a friend who can do what Austin does so impeccably well. The Houston born, Austin, TX based Collins, whose stellar recording resume includes two critically acclaimed releases (2005ís Something Better and 2008ís Roses Are Black) has again returned with heart in hand and music in groove. His latest offering, Wrong Control, is by name mysterious and unique, but thatís par for Austinís course. Heís a writer, after all, and as any good writer will tell you, one mustnít tip ones hand right off the bat. And so, you canít help but wonder exactly what it is that went wrong and exactly what it is that heís trying to control. First, what went Wrong: Relationships. Attempts to break out. Chances to learn things that are as yet unknown. The drive to find out what else there is in life. Thatís not to say these failed launches donít eventually lift off for the cast of characters that wander in and out of Austinís songs. He leaves them (and us) with just enough glimmers of hope, with just the right amount of possibilities, to believe that they might someday break out of the gracefully sketched situations they find themselves in. Second, the Control: His trademark lonesome, free-ranging vocals. The sparse instrumental arrangements. The ability to get a little heavier, a little grittier when itís called for. With Centro-Maticís Will Johnson at the production helm, Collinsí Rainbirds, consisting of Craig Bagby on drums and Dylan McDougall on guitars, both of whom garner writing credits on the album, manage to match their leading mansí lyrical brushstrokes with musical accompaniment that stays out of its own wayóthe co-star beside the people living within this collection of songs. They pick and choose their moments with expertise, creating a vast and colorful landscape upon which the drama can unfold. And as that drama unfolds, you begin to get this feeling: Thereís just so much Austin Collins and the Rainbirds got right with Wrong Control.
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Austin Collins  04/29/2005            
Probally the best debut album I have heard. This guy is an amazing talent, and will truly go places. I back this cd 110% and really suggest picking it up.
Austin Collins  04/14/2005            
Solid debut Album and a great live show. I highly recomend both!
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