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With The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be, Bleu Edmondson’s long-awaited follow-up to 2007’s critically acclaimed Lost Boy, the southern-fried country rocker embarked on a search for truth, stripping back layers of regret, loss, and longing to uncover a renewed, albeit somewhat painfully soul-baring, view of himself and the world around him.  He dug deeper into what the music meant to him as a musician, a writer and a man. “Writing is like holding up a mirror to those darkest corners of our lives that we keep hidden,” confides the raspy-throated singer.  “It’s not always a pretty reflection, but it’s real and it matters.”  The collection of songs ministers to the saint and the sinner in each of us. It is an amalgamation of those touch points and influences that give us permission to question, confront and raise a little hell on Saturday night.

For the disc’s debut single, “No Room for Mercy,” the soulful singer/songwriter paints a vivid picture of the painful unraveling of a relationship, with a south Texas thunderstorm as a symbolic backdrop.  The raw wounds of deception, anger and disappointment are ripped wide open as the betrayed singer tells his lover that there is a price for what she has done and “you won’t lie to me anymore.”  Unlike some of his songwriting peers in other genres, Bleu chooses not to resolve the situation – or to explain in detail the circumstances involved – opting instead to allow the listener room to weave their own experiences into the song’s storyline. 

Edmondson’s lyrics convey a worldly perspective of one who has lived a life balanced on the edge – of success and failure, love and hate, elation and despair – with his trademark grit and unselfconscious vulnerability intact.   There is no sugar-coating in his songs; he simply calls it like he sees it. 

His men are flawed, with the brooding darkness of someone who has loved, lied and lost but for reason untold, repeats his mistakes time and again; and they are also vulnerable, with a desolate loneliness of someone who has been loved, been lied to and been left behind.   Sometimes they are scared little boys, strangers to themselves and mysteries to those around them.  But at the end of the day, they love a good party.

The women in Edmondson’s songs are innocent in one moment, insincere in the next, and unable to love the man who is willing to give them his heart.  They dance, they cry, they lose faith, they scream, and they love and hate interchangeably.  They are omnipresent, sometimes appearing as a barefoot angel sent to save the lost souls living life on the outside, or other times as a past-her-prime party girl who still has the boys fighting for her attention – and anything else she might surrender.

The couples he writes of lose their minds, quench each other’s thirsts, lie and fail to keep their promises; they fear, they take chances and through it all they love, with an urgent intensity that speaks to the desperation in their lives.

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Bleu Edmondson  10/17/2008            
if it was just the cd it would suck,but the dvd makes it alright..yeah there is something wrong his voice,,but with the dvd you get the visual,and u like that is just how he sounded that night...dvd visual.......i'm hungover and stopped up from the cig smoke from watching the dvd........
Bleu Edmondson  10/16/2008            
I was also at the show back in June... We made the 8 hour drive from KC and it was definitely worth it!! The show was bad ass and I can't wait to see the DVD and hear the music again. After hearing Bleu for the first time a few years ago, I've been a huge fan of everything he puts out. AWESOME!
Bleu Edmondson  10/15/2008            
I couldn't wait for this to come out...I was at the show in June. It certainly did not disappoint. I think it is vintage Bleu. I am having a DVD watching party this weekend so all my friends can see Bleu at his finest! He is such an amazing artist live I think he was a perfect choice for this DVD.
Bleu Edmondson  10/15/2008            
If Bleu's songs were looking for rectification. Bingo….Don’t think they’re tricky to decipher — His new album is wonderful. Bleu has set a new milestone in recording this new one! He is the new American artist. This collection of new tunes comes from a different perspective — not something born of the existential moment but of the existential long view and the courage of moving forward. Edmundson’s character in Jesus is Crying, intones what might work as the précis for this album: “I’ve climbed up to a higher plateau with Bleu Edmundson, and I’ve seen and heard something I can relate to. Truth and beauty are in the eye of the beholder. I tried to stop figuring everything out a long time ago." With plain-spoken songs like these, he's already made a more honest album than many of his peers. Frigg’n Bravo!! Austin is my town and yours!
Bleu Edmondson  10/15/2008            
I'm a big fan of everything these guys put out, but this is the worst red dirt album I've ever bought. The other fella has it right to say the production is terrible and Bleu almost seems to be tryin a little too hard to scratch that voice. I also think that "finger on the trigger" is almost too personal for somebody(anybody) to cover and release. But Bleu's still a badass, so I'm blaming Billy Bob's.
Bleu Edmondson  10/14/2008            
As big of a Bleu fan as I am it's hard for me to say but this CD is pretty bad. The production is poor, their is something wrong with his voice (cant seem to carry a note or finish off words) It's almost as if he smoked 100 cigs before he got on stage. Not to mention the butchering of Southland....If you hear the song you will know what I mean. I expect more out of a Live at Billy Bob's record. This was clearly rushed out and poorly put together.
Bleu Edmondson  10/11/2008            
This album is nothing short of amazing. I had it in my possesion for less than 2 weeks and knew every word to every song. Its strong. Its deep. Its lively. While I really like Wade Bowen, this rendition of Resurection is tops.
Bleu Edmondson  10/03/2008            
I was at this show and if cd is half as good as show it will rock.
Bleu Edmondson  09/15/2008            
u are an oppressed soul if you havnt heard this album! if you dont have it... buy it. If you cant afford it... steal it! Then play it loud. screw your neighbors. the whole world needs to hear this!
Bleu Edmondson  08/26/2008            
Los Angeles Record Producer
I am ready to sign this band to a multi-million dollar deal. Superb music. Everybody should own the "Lost Boy" album.
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