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Originally from the mountains of west Texas, Doug Moreland settled down in Austin at the turn of the millennium as a fiddler, songwriter, and woodcarver! Being the eldest son of a colorful wainwright, blacksmith, and fiddle-playing ranch hand, Doug eagerly left his nest in Fort Davis TX in 1992 in pursuit of a musical degree, setting the stage for a short stint as a fiddler and funny sideman for dinner theater entertainment in Ruidoso NM. He then set out to tour the country with various acts, living in Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX, and Nashville TN, eventually settling back in Texas in 1999 to write his own songs and front his own band. But instead of the band, he found it much easier to keep up with only his singing sidekick Holly (or Holly-peño, a black and white McNab/Border Collie dog). This solo, comical music performance, with the dog as his finale, overshadowed his songwriting abilities and garnered him little respect on the Texas music scene, so in 2003 Doug based himself in Austin TX and put that full band together, gradually developing it into a unique, western, swing band with his wit and charm playing along with the instrumentation of twin fiddles, mandolin, and the upright bass fiddle. 

And amidst his meanderings, Doug discovered a financial & promotional spur for his musical career through chainsaw carving! He picked up the saw in 1998, and sold his first piece the moment he finished carving it! Self-taught, with a bit of background whittling small pieces as a child alongside his father, Doug advanced quickly with a keen grasp of proportion and a remarkable knack for caricature. And like his music, Doug has customized his art to his own unique fashion.

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07/13/2007 - Charm, energy, style and talent - Read More
02/15/2007 - Doug Moreland turns focus to songwriting  - Read More
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Doug Moreland  12/09/2002            
I have to say I seen you for the first time at my buddy's party Friday night in Conroe and you were great...... I hope to you see you in Conroe again
Doug Moreland  12/09/2002            
Thanks John, I bet you have a lot of friends and I bet they all say "John is such a great guy!" See ya at a show, -Doug I'll be on Animal Planet Jan. 10th, a show called Pet Stars.
Doug Moreland  12/02/2002            
Just a note to say Doug rocks! John, or whoever you are. Do you write songs? or Jokes? Do people come to watch you at your shows? If you had half the knowledge of a third grader, you would see the talent behind Doug's work. He probably made fun of you at one of his shows and you couldn't think of anything to say back. So, you just decided to try and put him down. Don't degrade people that have more talent then you. Good luck pard.
Doug Moreland  11/12/2002            
Miller Man
Doug Moreland-You're my hero!
Doug Moreland  09/22/2002            
not a fan
doug moreland sucks so much. he dresses and walks like a fruit cake.
Doug Moreland  09/20/2002            
Daniel Russell
This guy is the funniest bastard I've seen in a long time. If any of you have not had the chance to see one of Doug's shows, you must make the effort to do so soon. He is truly a rare talent. That pretty much sums Mr. Moreland up, pure talent, and one hell of a great guy. To the turd giving all the bad reviews, you must stick to your NSYNC, Chris Cagel genre of crap, and leave the real music to those who know how to apprecaite it.
Doug Moreland  09/06/2002            
w h
doug moreland put on the best damn show period.
Doug Moreland  08/05/2002            
Jeremy Sutton
Funny as shit!! A great look at what Doug is truely like at a show. Go buy it.
Doug Moreland  07/02/2002            
Doug Moreland  06/04/2002            
Doug is the funniest person ever! and he is so damn cute!:) If you don't have his CD's you need to get them.. ALL of them!
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