Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne

Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne
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Mile by Mile is how Honeybrowne has gained its large, loyal, and growing fan base over the years. Mile by Mile also happens to be the title of the bands fourth studio release on Smith Music. Strong songwriting, edgy musicianship, and availability to their fans made, and have kept, Honeybrowne a staple in the regional Texas Music circuit for ten + years. Mile by Mile, produced by one of Austin's best, Mark Addison (Bob Schneider, Ian Moore, The Summer Wardrobe, etc.), is a must have for music lovers who dig roots-rock, americana, and alt-country sounds, and will undoubtedly help Honeybrowne continue its reign atop the Texas Music scene. Fresh off tour, supporting fan favorite Something To Believe In, released in late 2005, Honeybrowne took some personal time off to welcome two new additions to the clan. Lead singer and songsmith, Fred Andrews, and drummer Stephen Bres both had baby boys in the past year, inspiring them to pen the heart-felt "Personal Lullaby", one of ten tracks off of Mile by Mile. Other stand out tracks include the upbeat tune "Yesterday's News", and the laid back and Wilco-esque sounds of "Help Me Find My Way".
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Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  06/21/2001            
I do not want to live in a world where CCR outsells Honeybrowne. I have seen them both in concert and listened to their albums. NO CONTEST!! Honeybrowne wins hands down. CCR You are the weakest link GOODBYE!!! That is the final answer.
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  06/21/2001            
FIVE STAR x 10 These Guys ROCK it's that simple. If you have not had the oppertunity to see them or hear Finding Shade GET IT!!! Every track is razor sharp,not an ounce of fat on this CD. Meeting these guys is a real pleasure, and seeing them enjoy what they are doing is awesome. I love HB and YOU WILL TOO!!!! Thanks Guys!!
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  05/25/2001            
Honeybrowne is definitely one of the best Texas bands I have heard in awhile. Their sound is amazing and they put on a great show. Fred is such an awesome guy, too! Everyone needs to buy their new CD, you won't be disappointed.
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  05/10/2001            
Jimmy Sullivan
Incredable group with awsome talent. i had never heard them before until i saw them play in college Station and was very impressed. kinda fit under the genre of hick rock. remind me of reckess kelly minus the fiddle/mandoline and add an organ. these guys are on their way up.
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  04/20/2001            
Laura Robertson
Honeybrowne, in my point of view, just freakin' ROCK! I enjoyed their music as soon as they went onstage. Their recent CD is simply wonderful. The last time they were in San Angelo at Blaine's Pub, I didn't get to attend the Saturday night performance, but one of my sweet friends bought me the CD and every single guy in the band took time to sign the CD for me. I wasn't there to even thank them, so thanks! I truly love listening to Clay Garcia and Fred Andrews-their voices are AWESOME! I wish them all the luck and happiness in the future!
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  04/01/2001            
awesome live band!!!!!
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  03/27/2001            
brandon d holmes
beat damn band out there since jackopierce
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  03/21/2001            
R Schramm
As always Honeybrowne amazes me. I have always been impressed with Fred and the guys. Anyone who has not heard their music is missing out, and for those of you that need an additional amount of encouragement to purchase the album, or go to a show, all I really have to say is... GO! You will not be disappointed...they are and have been an exceptional band for years and they really believe in what they are doing.. Keep at it guys...I'm Always behind you..if you ever need anything.. let me know... R
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  03/20/2001            
Honeybrowne is the most awesome band to come out in a long time. Everyone MUST buy "Finding Shade" (their newest CD). It is soooo awesome!
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  03/06/2001            
Chris Ryden
Nice work guys. It's good to hear genuine rock'n roll in a day where everything has gone pop. You guys have fans all over the state. You're doin' something right.
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