Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne

Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne
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Mile by Mile is how Honeybrowne has gained its large, loyal, and growing fan base over the years. Mile by Mile also happens to be the title of the bands fourth studio release on Smith Music. Strong songwriting, edgy musicianship, and availability to their fans made, and have kept, Honeybrowne a staple in the regional Texas Music circuit for ten + years. Mile by Mile, produced by one of Austin's best, Mark Addison (Bob Schneider, Ian Moore, The Summer Wardrobe, etc.), is a must have for music lovers who dig roots-rock, americana, and alt-country sounds, and will undoubtedly help Honeybrowne continue its reign atop the Texas Music scene. Fresh off tour, supporting fan favorite Something To Believe In, released in late 2005, Honeybrowne took some personal time off to welcome two new additions to the clan. Lead singer and songsmith, Fred Andrews, and drummer Stephen Bres both had baby boys in the past year, inspiring them to pen the heart-felt "Personal Lullaby", one of ten tracks off of Mile by Mile. Other stand out tracks include the upbeat tune "Yesterday's News", and the laid back and Wilco-esque sounds of "Help Me Find My Way".
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Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  12/03/2003            
Ryan Jacobs Katy, TX
New CD, simply put!! GREAT! The last review sounds like former a member or someone close to the band. Jelousy is a natural emotion for someone who was or wants to be were another may be. I was at the Firehouse show with Honeybrowne and Django Walker, who has only gotten better over the 2 years I have watching him, and yes honeybrowne's old songs are why they have so many fans. And yes some of their songs are written by former members but I can't seem to take their new CD out of the changer since I bought it last week!!! So in my opinion they are moving foward and continue to entertain me with their music. Sorry you are so Good for nuthing BJ (blow-job) !!!
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  12/03/2003            
I just got honeybrownes new album in the mail! I love it! I think the new stuff is better than the old! Can't really believe that review that was just posted. But for someone that doesn't like honeybrowne's music, seems like you sure know alot about the history!? I love the new album, and I'm glad it has a different sound to it! Keep it up HB!
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  12/02/2003            
All these fratboys (the worst kind)need is alcohol and pro-tools to make them think they sound ok...what are they on like 20 members now in their past? I definately think the few earlier versions of the band where the best. I've heard some bad stories about these guys that I'll do them the favor of not sharing here...they are just trying to ride on their old songs that were written by old band members. If you are duped into liking these guys you should learn the truth.
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  10/28/2003            
ahhhhhhhhh, cannot wait a minute LONGER!!!!!!!!
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  10/27/2003            
Bobby Davis
It's cheaper at
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  10/27/2003            
You better pre-order the new album now, because you will want to have this cd on the day it comes out. By far, the best work of HB yet. The songs, mostly new with a couple old, sound incredible. The CD Rocks.
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  10/27/2003            
Justin Hillis
Honeybrowne is an awesome band. There is not really anything else I can say about them. I have yet to see them live but I bet there live shows are awesome too. I go to sleep listenin' to them every night. The title is probably the farthest thing from the truth, these guys are good for something. And that something is making Texas Music!
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  09/15/2003            
Melanie Benney
I love you guys!!!! You definetely put on a great show at Big Texas in Clear Lake. I can't wait to see you again!!!!
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  09/09/2003            
I miss Honeybrowne so much! come back, come back!
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  09/08/2003            
someone who knows
I heard from a close source that they will have it out this month!!!!!! I have heard lullaby also. Love it!!!
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