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Hank III
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"You know the man's gonna make some crazy music. Anybody that don't get it, best be movin on". -Wayne Hancock, Bloodshot Records recording artist "Like every Hank in his family, Hank III has alot of Hank Sr. in him, a lot of Jr. in him and helluva lot of his own God given fire in him. He is as important to this generation of music lovers as his roots would predict. Hank III is a dose of Hard Core reality you won't find in today's candy assed country music." -Dale Watson, Koch Records recording artist "Hank Williams III is a true p-ro-fessional!! He's doing country music's dirty work by tellin' the shit-bird-pop-country-fuck-heads to suck it, and he's gettin' the word out of who you really should be listening to. I admire him for his ability to keep on the road as much as he does. The The road wears you down, but he just keeps on keepin' on." -Scott H. Biram, Austin Chronicle Musician of the Year 2003 Hank is one of the most honest and pure musicians I know. Everything he does is completely rooted in his genuine love of the music above all else. That's not as common as some might think. For him to carry on his family legacy so successfully, without compromising his individuality as an artist is absolutely amazing." -Mark Morton, guitarist, Lamb Of God "III is one of the most talented, down to earth people that anyone could ever know. He has the ability to either touch your soul with true oldschool country, or rip your fucking face off with his heavy stuff." -Jamie Moore, vocals, Demonseed.
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Hank III  02/15/2007            
Outlaw Belle Starr
Don't deny yourself to listen to this album. By far his best yet. Hank III rocks it old school and it doesn't get any better. The instrumental aspects of this album are pure genious. It's phenomenal & a must have for anyone who thinks "pop country sucks." Keep it rollin'!
Hank III  02/13/2007            
Outlaw Belle Starr
If you're not going to like someone just because you've heard they have different religious beliefs then who are you to judge? Hank III rocks it old school but with a modern lyrical twist. Like the song says "Pop country really sucks!" It's nice to hear something that doesn't stray away from original country roots. This is not your commercial boy band sounding country. It's that real, hard driving, good ol' fiddle & banjo playing type of stuff you can't find anywhere else. And special props to Hank III for still rocking it those good ol' stand up bass guitars. His music is truly one of a kind for it's day. "Straight to Hell" is a must have for the true "country music lover" Don't miss out on this because this type of music may have been lost for awhile but Hanks III's bringing it straight back!
Hank III  01/31/2007            
where's the 0 star choice? i almost feel guilty giving this guy 1 star. hey hank, jesus saves!
Hank III  01/17/2007            
Hank the third has the talent and the drive. The music is great, he can do a little bit of everything. His songs can pull you in or catch your attention in many different ways. I do not agree with some of his personal beliefs, but that is why they are called personal. However, this is about the music and I love what he has to offer.
Hank III  12/31/2006            
The best goddamned thing out there today. "Straight to Hell" is probably the best authentic rebel music in years.
Hank III  12/29/2006            
i took a chance on buying the cd becuause i liked some songs off of rising outlaw. but when i listend to it a tend to skip alot of tracks. there are some good songs and there are some bad.
Hank III  11/05/2006            
god is #1
i get the outlaw point of view and all but you should bee more like your daddy and grandaddy git rid of this satinistic bullpoop and for you thear miste smackgodback you will burn in hell fou that p.s. jesus rules
Hank III  11/05/2006            
god is #1
i get the outlaw point of view and all but you should bee more like your daddy and grandaddy git rid of this satinistic bullpoop and for you thear miste smackgodback you will burn in hell fou that p.s. jesus rules
Hank III  11/03/2006            
HANK III is the man. this is where country should never have left. any one who likes the country music of today is a backwards cousin maryin dickliped son of a chewdippin cunt. p.s. jesus is a cunt
Hank III  10/03/2006            
i would have to agree. someone needs to pray for this man. i get the whole outlaw thing, which is cool, but dude, draw the line somewhere. he says that his dad sung about the light and he sings about the dark, even claiming he knows people that have been to "the other side and back". give me an F'n break! this piece of crap needs some rehabilitation.
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