Houston Marchman

Houston Marchman
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Houston Marchman is as Texas country as they come. That means he's lived it and he's got the poetry and the musicianship to tell it in a song -- a song that takes you with him to the heart of his experience. A lot of his growing up years were spent on his father's ranch in Meridian, Texas, and it was there that he soaked up the sounds, sights, and stories of ranch hands, small - town folk, rodeo riders, truckers, Mexicans, sweethearts, and broken hearts that come with the territory. By the time he was 16 his songs began to emerge, and he has been writing and singing ever since. One of his first professional gigs was performing in a wild west show -- as a bronc rider and singer. While touring Japan, Houston gathered enough material for road and rodeo songs to last a lifetime. Marchman followed up his rodeoing with 6 years in Nashville, writing and performing, and scraping by. The title song of his first CD, VietNashville, pretty much tells that story, like Steve Earle, Robert Earl Keen, Joe Ely, Lucinda Williams, and plenty of other talented singer - song writers, Marchman just doesn't fit into the Nashville country music mold. His sound is unapologetically "Texan." Now that he is back where he belongs, Marchman is performing all over north Texas backed by a hot group of players called the Contraband. The result is a hybrid sound that says something different in a world of formula, commercially driven music. This band delivers country music that packs the punch of rock, while it carries on the tradition of Texas Folk, conjunto, polka, and blues.
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Houston Marchman  04/03/2003            
"Desperate Man" is super! Definitely full of feeling. Love the emotion he puts in his deliverance, and his voice, well, it's just so sexy! He just gets better and better!!
Houston Marchman  03/17/2003            
Mark Akins
Check out the review of Houston Marchman's new CD "Desprate Man" at www.misslana.com/landsharkmark.com
Houston Marchman  02/25/2003            
G. Dean Daniels
"Houston Marchman's "Desperate Man" CD is definitely his best work to date. His powerful vocals set to a strong accustic track puts this CD on par and above the majority of country music being produced by the suits in Nashville. Houston once again proves that if you want it done right, do it yourself and do it in Texas! Houston kicked ass with his performances on the first season of "The Great American RoadHouse" and I can't wait to have him perform this album for Season II!" Five stars out of four for "Desperate Man!" G. Dean Daniels Producer/Director "The Great American RoadHouse" GAC & RFD TV Networks
Houston Marchman  02/03/2003            
The newest CD, Desperate Man is some of his best work! Great song writing, one of the best voices you will find, and some of the best musicians on the CD.
Houston Marchman  01/27/2003            
I am a die hard Texas country listener and this is by far the best album I have ever listened to. Every song hits home and puts you right in the music.
Houston Marchman  01/22/2003            
On the more positive side ... I can't get enough of Marchmann's live album. The guy is like Steve Earle Jr., combining the best Texas songwriters with that heartland rock sound. I think its safe to say that, even though he's making a career out of it, the guy doesn't get half the recognition he deserves. I reccomend the hell outta the live record and Tryin' For Home, also.
Houston Marchman  01/08/2003            
Ninnescah Valley
Houston Marchman's songs--are masterpieces of poetry and spirit. Buses in the Rain... A man who knows beauty, a man who knows why we live... country. A man who is a man.
Houston Marchman  12/31/2002            
Jeff L
To put it simple...Houston Marchman is the BEST out there I've heard in a long long time. I bout his CDs when they came out, and I'm still not tired of listening to Leavin' Dallas.
Houston Marchman  10/06/2002            
Several winners and only one (You decide) that you go 'umpff' on. Great style.
Houston Marchman  10/06/2002            
Start to finish and straight through, you won't hit the skip button. Great in the car if you can avoid tapping too hard on the steering wheel. A winner.
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