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When Jack Ingram won the 2008 Academy of Country Music award for “Best New Male Vocalist,” thousands of people in the audience had to be smiling to themselves about that whole “new” thing. They knew the thirty-something, steel-eyed veteran accepting that trophy on that stage in Vegas had been rocking roadhouses, theaters and stadiums relentlessly since 1997, that he’d been celebrated by critics and fans of hard-core country music for more than a decade, and that as a Texas-born songwriter and performer, he’d been on the short list of next generation artists who could fill the boots of Lone Star legends like Willie and Waylon and the boys.

But the award did mean that Ingram, after trials and setbacks that would have buckled other artists, had at last matched the commercial success he’d always wanted with the integrity on which he’d always insisted. So he told the crowd with no small measure of pride and triumph that night that “big dreams and high hopes” can come true.

Now, as if to validate and amplify that truth, Ingram remains in the forefront of country music with the album Big Dreams & High Hopes, the seventh studio disc of his career and his third for Nashville maverick indie label Big Machine Records. Its eleven tracks range through the many facets of Ingram’s unique take on country music and songwriting. There’s the textured and contemplative “Seeing Stars” sung in ethereal tandem with Patty Griffin. You’ll find a couple of superb roots rocking country songs Jack wrote with compadre and mentor Radney Foster. And you’ve probably already heard the swimming hole party anthem “Barefoot and Crazy” which quickly became a radio smash and a soundtrack for the hot summer of 2009.

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Jack Ingram  08/24/2009            
This guy gets better every record!! This CD has it all, rockin' summer fun with Barefoot and Crazy! Soulful sweet ballads...oh, Jack! I will listen to it over and over!!
Jack Ingram  08/22/2009            
I love this guy....and I especially love this soulful, beautiful bunch of songs. I have been listening to the previews on his website and cannot wait for the rest! "In the Corner" is especially deep and mysterious. I remember hearing him sing this live at an acoustic show, and I thought then that he has incredible courage to write a song like this, and then to perform it. Very revealing.
Jack Ingram  08/19/2009            
I like Jack Ingram, but why does it seem that Barbie Doll is on every single CD he has since he first sang the song? Can he not make a complete CD with enough songs without adding it?
Jack Ingram  08/18/2009            
What a sell-out. This is Nashville crap. You and Pat Green make me sick. You probably are gay for each other too.
Jack Ingram  08/14/2009            
Great day, new Jack CD--and a good one, too! Love that Barefoot and Crazy summer song!!
Jack Ingram  08/13/2009            
Kim Fitz
Great addition to my Jack collection! This one has some fast upbeat tunes, but I love the Jack ballads the best. Always have....
Jack Ingram  08/12/2009            
Bad music, over-produced. Where's "The World Ain't Slowin' Down"? Heard that the song was going to be on it...extremely disappointed it's not.
Jack Ingram  08/10/2009            
Honey Heyday
Yeah! Barbie Doll recorded again! Great CD
Jack Ingram  08/09/2009            
Sell OUT
Jack Ingram  08/07/2009            
Hondo Haley
What a truly talented and classy CD. I listened to the previews on Big Machine's website, and I not only love Barefoot and Crazy, I love it that he has re-recorded Barbie Doll!! I love it that Jack has remained true to his heart and talent. I cannot wait for these songs in a live show!
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