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When Jack Ingram won the 2008 Academy of Country Music award for “Best New Male Vocalist,” thousands of people in the audience had to be smiling to themselves about that whole “new” thing. They knew the thirty-something, steel-eyed veteran accepting that trophy on that stage in Vegas had been rocking roadhouses, theaters and stadiums relentlessly since 1997, that he’d been celebrated by critics and fans of hard-core country music for more than a decade, and that as a Texas-born songwriter and performer, he’d been on the short list of next generation artists who could fill the boots of Lone Star legends like Willie and Waylon and the boys.

But the award did mean that Ingram, after trials and setbacks that would have buckled other artists, had at last matched the commercial success he’d always wanted with the integrity on which he’d always insisted. So he told the crowd with no small measure of pride and triumph that night that “big dreams and high hopes” can come true.

Now, as if to validate and amplify that truth, Ingram remains in the forefront of country music with the album Big Dreams & High Hopes, the seventh studio disc of his career and his third for Nashville maverick indie label Big Machine Records. Its eleven tracks range through the many facets of Ingram’s unique take on country music and songwriting. There’s the textured and contemplative “Seeing Stars” sung in ethereal tandem with Patty Griffin. You’ll find a couple of superb roots rocking country songs Jack wrote with compadre and mentor Radney Foster. And you’ve probably already heard the swimming hole party anthem “Barefoot and Crazy” which quickly became a radio smash and a soundtrack for the hot summer of 2009.

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Jack Ingram  01/05/2001            
LIVE AT ADAIR'S This piece of music has the rare ability to mentally remove one from where ever you may be listening from home,car or truck and place you right there in a hillbilly honkytonk on a Friday night Jack Ingram's vocals are excellent and bands dont get much tighter than the BEAT UP FORD BAND and one can't help but compare them to (Billy C.Farlow,Bill Kirchner and Bobby Black) of COMMANDER CODY days.Chris Clarity and Milo Dearing really understand what this music is all about and they play it that way.All the songs are keepers however special mention must be given to Clarity's "These days".OK enough about the band "THAT INGRAM BOY CAN SING"!
Jack Ingram  01/05/2001            
JACK INGRAM LIVE AT ADAIRS-This album restores my faith in hillbilly music and my belief that it was meant to be played live and loud.Harlan Howard is certainly someplace smiling when he hears Jack and THE BEAT UP FORD BAND'S cover of "I'll catch you when you fall" the hard driving bass and crisp clean guitar licks along with the outstanding vocals are the best this West Virginia hillbilly has heard since the early "COMMANDER CODY AND THE LOST PLANET AIRMEN" days.The CD begins with the ultimate cruising song "ATTITUDE AND DRIVING" I really can't do this band justice except to say that if you want to hear some real s___kicking,hillbilly honkytonk music give these guys a listen -ROBERT E . WHITE US ARMY
Jack Ingram  12/27/2000            
Jack Ingram & the Beat Up Fords are the best intertainment I've seen in a long time. I'd much rather listen to someone who writes and sings their own music vs. someone who only sings other peoples songs. Jack Ingram's songs are real and I myself feel like I can relate to his music. I guess that's why I like him so much. I saw him perform at the Wormy Dog in Stillwater, OK on Dec.2 and they were awsome. He's full of energy and that's what people like. I think he's got alot of talent and think he should be heard more.
Jack Ingram  12/27/2000            
Jack Ingram  12/08/2000            
Wormy Dog McCoy
Wormy Dog Saloon Dec 2 2000, 11:30 to 2:00 Tell ya what, After I got through running sound for Dub Miller on Saturday night, Shamus(Jack's Sound Guy) took over and I got the rare opportunity to actually enjoy a shoiw at the wormy dog. Let me just say that Jack Ingram is a star in Stillwater. We love the CD and after his show on Saturday, he ranks high on the list of all time performers. Jack ripped through covers and originals alike with unabated energy. You just watch the man on stage and you can't help but have a good time. Great musician, Great show, Great personality, and Honest music. If you didn't already know it, this show is worth a drive and the CD's are worth a buy.
Jack Ingram  12/08/2000            
Travis Beams
I caught a J.I. show at the Wormy Dog Saloon, in Stillwater, OK. It was a great show. One of those performances where you start out listening and singing along, and by the end you wanted to lock the doors b/ it was a party that you didn't want to leave. Great show - lots of energy - and a great place to see live music.
Jack Ingram  12/01/2000            
Hogan Ottosson
What country should sound like. Honky Tonk Country with a rock edge. Love all of his CD's. The latest "Hey You" is the best so far. Much better music than most of stuff I hear on radio and definitely better than anything I see on CMT. Just saw him at Exit/In in Nashville. The best show I have seen this year.
Jack Ingram  11/07/2000            
For and avid concert goer in my home town of Tucson, Az I must say that Jack Ingram puts on one of the best shows that I've seen in a while. For a realtive unknown in the old pueblo, I watched Jack Ingram and the old ford band light up an often critical and difficult to rause audience. The vocals and the lyrics were impressive as were the insurmentals. I must say the bass player was incredibly impressive. With such danceable tunes as "Barbie Doll" and "Beat-up Ford" these guys really got the auidence moving. My personal favorite however was his closing ballad "Goodnight Moon," a real tear jerker. I hope to someday be attending a show where these guys are the headliners not just special guests.
Jack Ingram  10/31/2000            
Jack and the Beat Up Ford Band ROCK!! Hey You is my Favorite cd!! I love your concerts- TRULY TEXAS COUNTRY
Jack Ingram  10/27/2000            
Texas Fan
Simply put, Jack is THE star of Texas music. Unlike some of the other Texas artists that only play Texas (knowing if they got the opportunity they would venture elsewhere), Jack is doing is best to spread the Texas sound to the far reaches of this country. He doesn't have to bash other places, he just simple does what he does, and it is working. It's interesting that Pat gave up on Nashville, but now he is playing the Exit/In. I still respect Pat, but I hope some of these artists don't stop knocking on the door too soon. Good luck to all, and look to Jack for the right way to do it.
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