Jackson Parten

Jackson Parten
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Jackson was born in San Antonio, Texas and attended MacArthur H.S. Jackson was known for raising a little hell in school, but it was usually all in good fun. These days he's known for putting on one of the most energetic live performances for a young artist and is still guilty of raising a little hell. Jackson's musical journey began on a drum stool playing in a punk rock band. He continued to persue percussion and began teaching himself guitar in junior high. By high school he had moved from behind the drums to the front of the stage, playing and singing while working on his songwriting ability. After high school, Jackson moved to New York City to attend College, but as most first year students do, he spent more time wandering the streets of the city than in the classroom.He made the most of the city. He spent many days playing on the corners for change and hearing stories from the less fortunate residents. Jackson drew much inspiration from his experiences. The song, Ode to Emily(NY state) tells a story of love left behind,and the album's final track, Standing in the Sun, deals with reflecting on chances taken. This song was inspired by a conversation with a homeless man on a summer day in the east village. During this time, Jackson was honing his skill as a writer and a performer. Soon he decided to leave school and return to texas to persue a career playing music. With a set of songs from Texas to New York, and every place in between, he went into the studio to record his first album. With such notable players as Bobby Flores and Andrew Langham from Ray Price's band, and Billy Brent Malkus from Nathan Hamilton and No Deal, Jackson put together a record which is well worth the praise it has been recieving. But as any Jackson Parten fan will tell you, the real deal is to see him live. With his band of extremly talented musicians that can play honky-tonk with the best of them and just about any other style they choose, they are winning over followers and showing people that country can really rock. The show is simply about having a good time and being completly exhausted when it is over. Jackson is currently playing across Texas and is a must see for anyone who loves real songwriting and good Texas music.
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Jackson Parten  01/26/2004            
Michael of TMJ
I have been waiting for this cd a long time. It is well worth the wait. This cd rocks and so well put together, you can't go wrong. Pick this cd up today. Hello Again is my favorite, but the whole cd rocks. See our review on www.texasmusicjunkies.com in Feb.
Jackson Parten  01/19/2004            
If you thought Jackson’s debut album was phenomenal…Wait till this hits your ears... "Damn that’s some good music!" Thank's & Gig'Em Todd, Burt, Virgil
Jackson Parten  01/14/2004            
dan is the man
the bass player is the talent of the band
Jackson Parten  10/31/2003            
This kid is young enough to be my son. His music and lyrics have such deep meaning to me that it took me back to the GOOD OLD TIMES. When I first heard the CD I thought it was a GREAT Tune on the radio. It was so impressive and bold that when I heard the up coming album I thought I was listening to a seasoned veteran of the music industry. I was blown away! Keep up the great work Jackson! You’re destined for greatness! Uncle Jim's Old Buddy "Q"
Jackson Parten  03/25/2003            
Jackson Parton reminds me of a young Cory Morrow or Pat Green. Only difference is, this kid can write. The reason I only give him 4 Stars is that I am going to need that extra star to judge his next work. Keep an eye on this kid.
Jackson Parten  03/17/2003            
Davo the Great
This guy is great sure gives a new name to good tunes. Keep on truckin man your doing good.
Jackson Parten  03/13/2003            
In this day of disposable music it's refreshing to hear something as true as Jackson. I am continually looking for music that is a deviation from what has come to be the normality of Texas Country. Jackson is one of those artists that fit that bill. His talent is truly impressive. Pick up a copy of his CD and go to a show, becoming a fan will just come natural. Jackson, my hat goes off to you. Thanks and GigEm.
Jackson Parten  02/05/2003            
john c.
the previous entries were obviously written by an angry foe or a jealous musician. ignorance must be contagious these days. Jackson, you rock!
Jackson Parten  02/05/2003            
Sean P
Is this music for real? not so hip into the feel free movement of weak come on music
Jackson Parten  02/05/2003            
Fuckstick sucks ass he stole riffs from Johney cash and pulled songs from every other band with out crediting them. Thanks for the weak sound improve then show your face back in country music
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