Jarrod Birmingham

Jarrod Birmingham
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As far back as he can recall, his memory is filled with treasured visits with his grandfather. His Granddad played the guitar and the fiddle, a sound that crept into Jarrod’s very existence. That musical influence has always managed to stay close to his heart. As a young adult he began to try his hand at song writing, but never really felt any degree of accomplishment. He shifted gears a bit, and spent several years attempting to earn a living riding bulls on the professional rodeo circuit. While he has since left the dirt of the arena floor behind, that time served him well. It was his chance to experience a few hardships, injuries, and an opportunity to see parts of this wonderful nation that many others never get to see. While on “injured reserve” he picked up songwriting again. This time, with a little more maturity and a vast stock of experiences to put on paper, the writing came easy. It came from the heart and soul of Jarrod Birmingham, filtered by real life. Another thing to come out of that era was a desire to perform. What started out as a group of friends doing “barn pickings” became a bonafide band. Desire pushed harder, and the Jarrod Birmingham Band competed against thousands of contestants to take first place in the “Rising Stars Over Texas” talent search. The road would be long…but the door was open. He has been compared to Waylon, and has been told he looks like Dwight, but he is all Jarrod. Backed by a five piece band, he has honed his live show playing gigs across the southern states, often opening for a long list of Texas/Americana artists and a few products of Nashville. Many react with amazement as he walks onto the stage and changes from the artist to the entertainer. He comfortably takes the heartfelt songs of the artist and tells the listener an intense, believable story as the entertainer. Grammy nominated Producer Eric Paul says, "Jarrod Birmingham is what I consider to be the first real singer of the 21st century." Paul produced Birmingham’s freshman effort “A Waitin’ and A Wishin.’” Hailing from the Texas Gulf Coast, he is every bit a product of the Lone Star State. But that lone star state of mind means he is just about as independent as they come. While his Texas roots run deep, make no mistake, there is no “Anti-Nashville” syndrome here. Indeed Birmingham has stood on Music Row, inhaling the Nashville traditions into his lungs. But he has as well stood on mountain tops in the Rockies, and on the plateaus of the Great Plains. There is no “pre-destination” in his mind about his music. His music is about as diverse as it can be and still be called country, a point he answers well on his current album, Stages released in September of 2003. Jarrod Birmingham’s songs are steeped in realism, real songs, every man songs, songs about people you know, places you’ve been, good times you’ve had and loves you’ve known. Whether a hard driving "rebel" country-rock tune, or the solitary crooning that seems to make the words hang in the air, focusing the listener's attention as they await the next word, it's like catching "lightning in a bottle." Jarrod Birmingham renders ideas into the music that creates happy, satisfied fans. He admits, with a bit of a twinkle in his eye, that he "sometimes" misses the rodeo arena. "I never really quit riding bulls," he says, "the music just sort of took over."
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Jarrod Birmingham  04/27/2006            
Woody, It appears you're the no talented, classless "ass whip". Unless all of the songs YOU are writing are going to #1 on the charts, you look like a chump when you post reviews such as yours. Walk a mile in his shoes before you attempt to belittle someone you know nothing about. The guy obviously is an awesome performer and songwriter. While you're at work, and after asking "would you like fries with that?", ask yourself if you have one-tenth the talent he does to make it in this business before you bash him again.
Jarrod Birmingham  04/05/2006            
one of the biggest ass whips ever, probably top three biggest ass whips in the state of texas
Jarrod Birmingham  04/01/2006            
Justin Arnold
Both of these Cd's are awesome! Jarrod is one of the few that hasn't sold out to Nashville, stayed true to his country roots, and sings song that appeal to real country people and traditional country music. Keep it up and never sell out to those hippies in Nashville.
Jarrod Birmingham  03/25/2006            
Best album to come out of Texas since Level. This is a true country album. Seems like Jarrod and Jon Wolfe are the only artist who understand that the new texas pop-rock poop sucks, and that true roots old school country is where its at. This album has 2 of the best lyrics ive heard in my entire life.: "If you dont like me, I probably wont like you." "Does the man make the music or does the music make the man?" Buy this album! Song 1-5 are jams, there are 3 more songs you cant skip over, and the other songs are well produced and put together musically.
Jarrod Birmingham  03/25/2006            
absolutely fantastic, would love to have a serious game of butt darts with him, best music i have ever heard to make love to, epsecially the if you dont like me i dont like you one, just perfect, cause who really likes who they are sleeping with anyways, I get wood anytime i hear his music! Love it!!!!!!
Jarrod Birmingham  03/18/2006            
Hey guys. Saw y'all play at the Surf Club on Wednesday. Y'all were awesome! It was a great show. Can't wait to see y'all again.
Jarrod Birmingham  03/06/2006            
No Apologies kicks ass!! This is a have to own cd!
Jarrod Birmingham  03/03/2006            
My name is Adam Pratt. I am absolutely in love with Mr. Birmingham. I wish I was like him. His cd never leaves any of my cd players. I have made a vow that if he is playing within 300 miles of Ft Worth, I will go see him. I think I have a man crush on him!!!
Jarrod Birmingham  02/24/2006            
Leo from Conroe
I have been listening to Jarrod since his first album "Waitin and a Wishin". I absolutely love going and seeing Jarrod play. His edgy outlaw honky tonk style is one of a kind. And for the people that are saying "he cant sing" on here, you're really showing your ignorance when you makes statments like that. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but you dont get to the status that Jarrod is now if you "can't sing". People that "can't sing" dont produce 4 albums. If you dont like his style, then just say so, but dont say the guy can't sing cuz apparently he can. People that "can't sing" dont make a living at it. I dont like 1100 Springs or Aaron Watson, you dont see me sayin they "cant sing".
Jarrod Birmingham  02/02/2006            
Pete Carreon
Music is original, thought provoking and extremely TEXAS!
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