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Jason Eady is a singer-songwriter whose music is a distillation of country, bluegrass, blues, gospel, folk and Southern rock, but in essence is roots all the way, with organic arrangements, genuine lyrics, and strong lead and harmony vocals, no matter what style of song he is writing. Originally from Jackson, Miss., Eady started playing guitar at age 13, played in various cover bands around the state, and reveled in exposure to Mississippi’s varied musical genres. It all worked to infuse his music – through his days in Nashville, the re-ignition of his dream to touch listeners’ hearts and minds with his original songs after a stint as a U.S. Air Force translator, and his August 2005 debut album, FROM UNDERNEATH THE OLD, which was produced by Texas songwriter Walt Wilkins and instrumentalist Tim Lorsch and which peaked at #9 on XM Channel 12 (X Country). The same month Eady would meet musicians that would become his next touring and studio band. Scott Davis of The Woodlands moved to Fort Worth to attend TCU and graduated with a degree in radio-TV-film-video, playing in several Dallas-Fort Worth area bands including Woodeye, Chatterton and Quaker City. He plays guitar, mandolin, accordion, Dobro, lap steel and banjo and sings harmony vocals. Kenny Smith, from Dallas-Fort Worth, has been playing drums professionally for more than 10 years, playing in Woodeye and Chatterton with Davis. Six months after meeting Smith at a private party, where the two played some impromptu songs together, Eady began putting together a band, and Smith was the first person he called. Bass player Jordan Kiener was a perfect fit, too; he had moved to Denton to start a musical career after earning a degree at Oklahoma in instrumental music education, focusing on jazz and playing clarinet and bass. He answered Eady’s ad and was the only person auditioned, after band members heard his playing and high harmonies. Together the quartet is Jason Eady & The Wayward Apostles, so named to spread the word about the band’s roots-music origins while putting its own spin on tradition. From different musical backgrounds and incorporating them all, theirs is a unique sound. Touring regionally and nationally for the past year with cuts from its upcoming album, WILD EYED SERENADE, has earned the band airplay on Americana stations. It was tracked live in one open room to give it a live and authentic roots sound. Eady continues to stay true to his roots music and touching audiences with its honesty and inspiration – the thing he’s always wanted to do.
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Jason Eady  06/20/2006            
Steve @ T4TX.com
This record took me a bit by surprise, because I'd never heard of Jason Eady, and someone gave me the CD to see what I thought of it. The surprise is not that I really like this album, but that I think it's so good that I can't believe I never heard of Jason Eady before. I mean, I keep my ear to the ground, my finger on the pulse, but, to spin yet another trite metaphor, he had slipped completely under my radar. Jason has a strong voice that can get way loud when he wants to rock and yet be quite tender when he's being introspective. The production by Walt Wilkins & Tim Lorsch is spot on, letting Jason shine through, while beautifully complementing his talent with additional vocals by the amazing Marcia Ramirez and superb backing instrumentation. Never heard of Jason Eady? Take my word for it, and I don't say this lightly, because I do have a reputation to uphold: This is one thoroughly enjoyable CD.
Jason Eady  11/02/2005            
Tara H
Wow - what a find! I first saw Jason at the White Elephant in Fort Worth and was immediately drawn to his passion and sound. Then, after really listening to his CD, I liked him even more. His lyrics are thoughtful and deep but also optimistic. It is a CD you can listen to in the car and sing along or at home dancing around the house. There are so few songs with beautifully worded thoughts, but this CD has many.
Jason Eady  10/24/2005            
Saw him play an acoustic set at Love & War in Texas last weekend; amazing performer, a true talent. Love the CD, and am looking forward to hear him play with his full band very soon.
Jason Eady  10/23/2005            
His music is outstanding. Definitely someone on the rise to watch.
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