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John Evans
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"Never one to shy away from changing style and direction, Evans has taken a musical scalpel to everything from honky-tonk to punky rockabilly to preppy Old 97's pop-rock, each time with class and muscle." - William Michael Smith - Houston Press - 07/23/08 John Evans can write a song...and make it sound like no other. His cleverly written tunes and unique delivery have been a mainstay in the Texas Music scene for over ten years. He has co-written songs with Hayes Carll, Adam Carroll and Roger Creager, to name a few. His latest collaboration with Creager (I'm From The Beer Joint), was the number 1 song of 2008 with over 27,000 spins, according to The Texas Music Chart. This singer/songwriter has been an award winner for eight consecutive years in the Houston Press Music Awards; taking home accolades that include: Best Male Vocalist, Musician Of The Year, Best Singer/Songwriter, Best Roots Rock and Best Country and Western. His music video for "Quicksand", from the album "Circling The Drain," won a Platinum Remi award at the 2005 WorldFest International Film Festival and another album track, "Swat'n Flies," appears on the soundtrack for popular indie film "Drop Dead Sexy," starring Jason Lee and Crispin Glover, which debuted at SxSW Film Festival and was released internationally in 2007. The John Evans Band spent most of 2006 touring the U.S. in support of "Ramblin' Boy." John Evans won Best Male Vocalist at the 2007 Texas Music Awards and continues to be a favorite of many publications with features included in the Houston Press, No Depression, Texas Music Magazine, Houston Magazine and more. Currently, John is releasing his new album, "LUCKY 13" with Smith Entertainment Records, scheduled to drop September 16th, 2008. The first single "Not Afraid To Fall In Love" has been shipped to radio. Look for John and the band in a market near you!
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03/23/2005 - Newest Addition to Dan Workman Musicís Growing Roster of Talent : John Evans - Read More
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John Evans  04/06/2004            
Sarah Lynn
This band is kick ass! I saw them at Mardi Gras 2004 in Galveston and it was pouring down rain and only a hand full of us were paying any attention to them but they kept on playin! Buddy Holly Rocks!
John Evans  02/29/2004            
This is probably the best independent country album of the last 5 years or so. If not, then it's in the top ten. The lyrics are great, the guitar tones kick ass, and not one single song sucks even a little bit (if you'll pardon my eloquence). Plus, it's worth pointing out they sound every bit as good as this live.
John Evans  09/18/2003            
I told a friend of mine that we were going to go see some guy who reminded me a little of Buddy Holly, Dwight Yoakam, and Chris Issak. I forgot to mention anything about the possibility of a stand up bass on fire, shots of tequilla and a really, really, baddass guitar player. My buddy, being a Yankee, was not into the whole idea of going to see some rockabilly country guy...Until JED broke into Woo ah Yeah and Silver Eagle and found out Texas music is not your average whiney crap from the likes of pop stars like Tim Mcgraw and Toby Keith. Anyway, Out of Control rocks. It has some slower Chris Issak sounding stuff like "Love Don't Even Know my Name," but the real treats are the wicked rock sounds like Silver Eagle, Hank&Harley, and Woo Ah Yeah. The best song is definately the title track. Bottom Line: clever lyrics, great voice, good bass line and a genuis on guitr.
John Evans  09/17/2003            
John E. Berlitz,Sr.
John Evans is taking over Texas country music by storm! His original style and Texas roots make him a natural at what he does. I assure you that if you are a Texas country music fan.... you WILL NOT be disappointed with any of the JEB CD's. Give'em a listen... I garauntee you'll tell your friends about it!
John Evans  06/02/2003            
John Evans is a true Texas hero. You have to totally respect a guy he can continuously put out great music on his own terms. Screw all the people in the "industry" that sit behind their desks and act like they know what the F*#K they're talking about. Keep going John!!!!!!! You're a big star in Texas' eyes!
John Evans  04/25/2003            
Ragan Bond
To meet the guy and his band is one thing...great guys and fun fun fun, but to really get to see them perform is 'icing' on the cake! Have seen them 3 times (Brenham Brewery, Pete's and Thirsty Scarecrow)...they will play anywhere any time...more energy at the shows than anyone I have ever seen...truly love what they do...'Out of Control' is just that! See them live!
John Evans  12/10/2002            
[email protected]
John Evans Band is total intertainment! Saw for the first time at Czhillispiel in Flatonia. The band had just as much or more crowd involvment than other well known performers there. The mix of rock and country is just right.
John Evans  08/10/2002            
The John Evans Band ROCKS! Biggest Fool is a great CD and those of you enjoying those tunes must be sure to pick up his newest cd Out Of Control which is scheduled to be released in October--for those of you who can't wait, John usually has some for sale at his shows. John's songwriting and alluring vocals on Out of Control pull you into each and every song leaving you wanting more. For those of you wanting to catch a show check out his site for a listing of upcoming gigs. You MUST see them live. He has surrounded himself with an extremely talented band. Their stage performance is like no is an incredibly awesome experience.
John Evans  03/14/2002            
Someone tell me where to see John Evans! I have his CD and love it - but haven't seen him in concert. Anyone?
John Evans  03/09/2002            
The John Evans band KICKS ASS!! Not only do their CDs rock, but they put on the BEST concerts! Billy is one of the best guitar players around. They always bring the house down. Trust me go out and buy their CDs and go see them in concert-they are one of the best Texas bands around! Gig 'em!
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