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Josh Ward
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Memorial Day weekend, 2010, marked the release date for the first live album released by the Josh Ward Band.  The album, titled simply "Josh Ward Band - Live", was recorded in Houston in the previous March in front of a rabid audience of 2000 plus people.  With six songs off of Josh's original studio effort "Hard Whiskey", three previously unreleased originals, and covers of three of the bands favorites, it marked the six year anniversary for this hard working, hard living East Texas quartet.

Lead singer Josh Ward wears his influences on his sleeve.  On his hat.  On his beat up old Takamine guitar.  George Jones, Waylon Jennings, and Merle Haggard pour out of him like rain pours off a roof during a thunderstorm.  His delivery is always honest and heartfelt.  He's one of those rare singer/songwriters who seems completely incapable of just going through the motions.  He FEELS every single word of every single song.  Fellow songwriter Mike Ethan Messick once said of Josh, "Josh Ward sings like Mike Tyson hits.  Hard.  

Today the band is working diligently on writing new material for their next studio release, and gearing up for a touring schedule that most Texas bands would either die to have, or run away scared of.  The Josh Ward Band is without a doubt one of the hardest working bands in Texas.  You never have to question what is important to these men, because they'll tell you on stage every night in the form of a toast --

"Here's to good friends, may they never leave you.
 Here's to good family, may they always stand behind you.
 And here's to damn good honky tonk Texas music, and keeping it alive!"

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Josh Ward  02/12/2008            
Jeb Beane
Congrats to the JWB for winning "Band of the Week" from Best in Texas Magazine! Much deserved by one of the hardest working bands in Texas. WAY TO GO GUYS!!
Josh Ward  01/11/2008            
Great cd the single Listen To Your Heart Talking awesome. Josh has a damn good voice that i've heard to come out of Texas. Another good song on the cd is a Brandon Rhyder's tune called Crazy Loco. JWB are going places with this CD.
Josh Ward  01/11/2008            
What can I say about Josh Ward Band, well they are a kick ass band. If you like Traditional Honky Tonk Music with some Texas Attitude then JWB is the band for you. I saw them last night with about 25 people, and he had everybody on their feet singing along. His shows are high energy never a dull moment with JWB, so go out and catch Josh Ward Band show you won't be disappointed.
Josh Ward  01/04/2008            
JOSH IS A CLASS ACT WITH A GREAT FUTURE. Sounds a lot like Wade bowen with a better Keep up the good work Josh.
Josh Ward  08/29/2007            
Picked up the CD at the Sam Houston Race Park show last weekend. My favorite song has to be Let It Ride, Josh said he wrote it about his baby boy, right before he was born. I also really like his version of Crazy Loco, which was written by Brandon Rhyder. The CD hasn't left my truck since sat. night. Definitely worth the money, hope to see JWB at the top soon! Thanks for a great show at SHRP, y'all. Keep on rockin'
Josh Ward  07/26/2007            
First song by these guys that got me hooked was their version of Seven Spanish Angels. Bought the self produced CD and wore it out. Now I have HArd Whiskey on my iPod and in my truck. Just an awesome sound. Thanks for making such great music guys!!!
Josh Ward  06/18/2007            
Met Josh at the RFT Float Trip, super nice guy. He's got heart and soul and I hope he's the next big thing to make it in Texas. Picked up the Hard Whiskey CD and it hasn't left the player. You can bet I'll be making some road trips to see him and his band! Thanks Josh for a great weekend at the river, keep on rockin' man!
Josh Ward  06/12/2007            
e z
I met Josh this weekend. We played music all night.. and most of the next morning. He is the real deal. I got a chance to review the CD the next day. Great Song Writing Period. The voice track does not do him justice, I KNOW. Thus my lack of 5 stars. Still, a guy with that much heart, soal and voice IS going to make it.
Josh Ward  06/01/2007            
Great CD from a Great Guy! Probably one of the best voices to come out of Texas in a long long time. This CD hasn't left my cd player since I bought it. My favorite song is "Listen to Your Heart Talkin". Way to go Josh Ward, you are going straight to the top!!
Josh Ward  05/29/2007            
This is by far the BEST CD I have bought! I love the Josh Ward Band music! It's a little bit of "old country" with a little twist! You can feel it in your heart and soul! If you haven't bought the CD yet, you need to!!!!!
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