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LUCKY TUBB AND THE MODERN DAY TROUBADOURS “If Ernest Tubb is the King of Honky Tonk music, then Lucky Tubb is surely the Prince” Choosing to carry out the legacy of his great-uncle, Lucky’s style is reminiscent to the raw and original country style of the earliest Nashville artists. Before music row forgot their heritage. Lucky Tubbs album “Generations” was recorded in January of 2003, after a devastating Christmas Eve house fire burned away all of his belongings. Through generous donations, he was able to re-establish equipment and love from the music community. He carried on. Never breaking stride and never retreating, Lucky has moved up the ranks of the Texas music scene. Starting out playing coffee shops for tips with only a snare drummer, to opening for country music cornerstones such as ET’s old pal Ray Price and country superstar Dwight Yoakum. Lucky wears his life experiences like a well-tailored suit with the sleeves ripped off. In the early days, despite poor management, heavy drinking, and quick temper (alongside many acclaimed honky-tonkers and country legends), he has grown to realize the responsibilities bestowed to him through heritage. Bottom line, Lucky Tubb is the real deal. People will always like good honky-tonk music, and will for generations to come.
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Lucky Tubb  06/21/2009            
we seen lucky in opened up for hank111.good show.
Lucky Tubb  05/28/2009            
Ron from Bulverde
Dam the luck is awesome. A mix between rockabilly and honky tonk! Can't wait for his return to the great state of texas. Bulverde loves him!
Lucky Tubb  04/26/2009            
LoneScar Lunatic
this band rocks my sox off! you are a god damn fool if you dont go see them!
Lucky Tubb  03/08/2009            
[email protected]
Walked into Gruene hall to hear Jr B. Feb 28. walked out with my head holding the the sounds of Lucky Tubb and the MDT. Yeah! bought the DTL CD and got it signed by the Luck and the Nat. Find the chance to be still and hear them! Peace to all
Lucky Tubb  01/16/2009            
a friend got this for me for xmas and i really love it! used up love and bakersfield are my favorites~buy it it makes country music feel like it has a better future- like hank 3- NEW REAL HONKY TONK MUSIC
Lucky Tubb  12/30/2008            
Matt the Kat
OOh, I love this stuff. Got ti for Xmas, a Tubb worthyto add to the legacy started by Ernest
Lucky Tubb  12/30/2008            
Johnny Cake
Excellent stuff, it's the real deal. Good old hillbilly swing at it's best.
Lucky Tubb  11/21/2008            
"So So" Cd. I was disappointed.
Lucky Tubb  11/15/2008            
One of my favorite CDs! There's not a bad song on it. Lucky has that "Tubb," sound but in his own style... Texas/Country. I'm looking forward to his next CD.
Lucky Tubb  10/14/2008            
Excellent stuff. Diane must have got a Pat green album by mistake, Either that or she has no taste, Best new country recording I have heard in ages
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