Mad Anthony Wayne

Mad Anthony Wayne
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Mad Anthony Wayne  03/01/2004            
Shane Mellott
I'm amazed he is still putting music out. I remember listening to his stuff in small bars and coffee houses all over the west coast of florida. I bet he would probably recognize me if he saw me at a show today. His music is brutally honest as it always has been. Reach me at [email protected] to find out more.
Mad Anthony Wayne  12/27/2003            
Smokey Combs
Florida misses Mad Anthony Wayne. He could own a room just by walking into it. Set the mood with the twitch of an eyebrow. Make you think, make you laugh, in person or on CD. Exhausting the Competition is no different -- some of his best. Even Texas justice can't hold its own in Wayne's Juvenile Court. Who could blame him for Never Gettin' Out Of This Car. We've all been there. He just keeps us there a little longer. He takes us to strange places -- mostly in his mind -- but as long as the Lord keeps pickin' 'em up, Wayne will keep puttin 'em down for you. No apologies, no sugar coating. Just Mad Anthony Wayne at his usual best.
Mad Anthony Wayne  08/15/2002            
Dave Clarke just keeps getting better...........
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