Maren Morris

Maren Morris
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When a high school freshman sings, writes, and plays guitar in a way that has industry insiders begging to hear more of her, she is probably worth listening to. Those who do will quickly understand why Maren Morris has been garnering praise from critics in not just one, but several musical genres. Despite not having her a record of her own until now, Maren has been featured on numerous radio and television programs, has shared the stage with acts ranging from Jack Ingram, to Marty Stuart, to the Bellamy Brothers, and has been headlining at a growing list of notable venues throughout Texas. Maren finished in the finals of the 2004 B.W. Stevenson Songwriters’ Competition, along with published songwriters many times her age. She was runner up in the Texas 10 Under 20 contest at the 2004 Dallas Guitar Show. Dixie Chicks producer and steel guitarist extraordinaire Lloyd Maines was floored by Maren’s voice in the studio recently, as she recorded her new CD. "This girl has everything it takes to make it," said Maines. "She does vocal acrobatics most grown-ups can’t do," said Tommy Alverson, of Una Mas Cerveza fame. The number of fans is growing. Many still approach Maren with fond memories of her campfire performance at the popular, 20,000-fan Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival. She was 10 years old. Now 14, she wows first-timers with the power and feeling she puts into her songs. Comparisons can inevitably be drawn to any number of female singers but, make no mistake, her style is like no other. Maren’s first recording, Walk On, beautifully captures her unique style, which combines country, blues, rock and even a touch of Gospel. She wrote or co-wrote eight of the tracks on Walk On, so what you hear is a blend of the genres that influence her writing and singing style. "She’s got the blues in her." That’s been uttered many a time by those made instant fans after hearing Maren Morris just once. She also has country in her, judging by the soulful break you hear in her voice during many of her performances. One will also hear rock, and even some R & B, depending on the song. Maren Morris has come a long way since her musical beginnings just four years ago. Singing, writing, and playing guitar, Maren has gone from late-night festival campfire performer to respected artist at venues across Texas. She’s won acclaim from respected producers, artists, venues and fans wherever she’s seen and heard. Having accomplished so much at such a young age, she could stop now and still be proud to have achieved musical goals that many adults never see. Fortunately, this isn't going to happen. Maren Morris has much more music and many more fans to make.
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09/12/2007 - Tiny Country  - Read More
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Maren Morris  11/30/2007            
Kylie Shea
Awesome Awesome... She has a beautiful voice!
Maren Morris  10/16/2007            
this cd is awesome...its all that i listen to
Maren Morris  11/17/2005            
Keith Jones
Max Stalling is truly one of the greatest singer songwriters around. His wide variety of themes speak to everyone, and all of his albums are a great buy. He also gives a great live performance. My only complaint is that I can't wait until his new album gets released.
Maren Morris  04/22/2005            
The few songs I've heard on this album and the radio are awesome. I hope you become a star in the USA.
Maren Morris  04/11/2005            
rock on...
Maren Morris  04/11/2005            
rock on...
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