Mike Ethan Messick

Mike Ethan Messick
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Mike Ethan Messick is a songwriter, first and foremost, with a knack and a passion for turning life’s ups and downs into vivid, tuneful and relatable stories set to music that ranges from classic country to ambitious folk-rock.  Growing up in Baytown, Texas, he fell in love with his dad’s eclectic record collection and started the long and rewarding process of developing his own sound and style through years of playing open mic nights and small venues around Central Texas.  His self-released albums – 2006’s Bootlegger’s Turn, 2011’s The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, and now 2017’s How Close We Came – reflect the influence of titans like Steve Earle, John Prine, and Billy Joe Shaver, filtered through his own literary eye for detail and gritty but ultimately optimistic voice.  

Messick has garnered independent radio play from Texas to Australia with songs like “American Steel” and “Oldsmobile,” scored songwriting cuts on other artists’ albums and setlists  (including Roger Creager’s take on “The Everclear Song,” one of the most popular hits of the Texas country music explosion), appeared as a commentator and performer on the Texas Music Scene TV show, and played opening gigs or song swaps alongside fellow Texans including Hayes Carll, Randy Rogers, and Ray Wylie Hubbard.  The new album How Close We Came was recorded at Austin’s legendary Cedar Creek Studios with producer John Ross Silva and an A-team of local musicians including David Abeyta, Cody Foote, Scott Davis, Geoff Queen, Jamie Lin Wilson and Wade Josey.   

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03/15/2007 - Mike Ethan Messick focuses on songwriting, not fame  - Read More
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Mike Ethan Messick  08/28/2007            
Check out http://texasdirt.wordpress.com/ for a bio & interview on Mike Ethan Messick. He's their featured artist for the week.
Mike Ethan Messick  07/31/2007            
brent, i'm obliged to defend ... i like messick's voice too. you say nasal, i say he's just twangy, like a lot of country singers. i love his voice and think it's perfect for the great stuff he writes.
Mike Ethan Messick  07/24/2007            
I give it five stars! Great songwriting, great singing! I like his voice a lot...
Mike Ethan Messick  07/20/2007            
Overall good album, great songwriter but the dude cant sing. If you can get over that, you can handle this one. It takes some time though to get past it, but if you can appreciate a good song and ignore the nasal its a good one.
Mike Ethan Messick  07/20/2007            
tx fan
great music!
Mike Ethan Messick  06/14/2007            
Ben Morris
I am a big fan of Mike Ethan Messick, both the artist and the man. In my opinion (for whatever it's worth), I truly believe that he is one of the most talented people to ever put words together on Brazos Valley soil (my favorite songwriter that I personally know!). A true songsmith and veteran of the stage, it's worth catching him live just to enjoy his banter between songs. I'm fascinated by his quick wit... He's also a very good-hearted fellow. Not many guys who are as good as he is (who know how good they are) are also as supportive as he is towards the younger guys just getting their feet wet in the music world. I've never heard him speak a bad word about another artist, even though time and again lesser talents are celebrated as much as- or to a greater extent than- he is. I love his cd and highly encourage you to buy it if you don't have it already. It's one of the good ones, and MEM is one of the good guys... the man, just like his music, is as genuine as it comes!
Mike Ethan Messick  06/09/2007            
Well played ... some of my favorite songs. A real Texas talent.
Mike Ethan Messick  05/02/2007            
Joshua Johnson
This guy had been my neighbor for the better part of my entire life. I have always looked up to him as a fellow musician and want him to know that he knows what the true meaning of playing music is. Love ya man keep on playin hard.
Mike Ethan Messick  03/02/2007            
Lee R
It's every bit as good as I hoped it would be. Mike's one of those songwriters that's going to be remembered way past his time, and I knew that already, but the production on this kicks ass too. Plus the Gougers make everything better.
Mike Ethan Messick  02/16/2007            
One of the best new songwriters in years. Fun to watch, too ... hope he's got a big future in store.
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