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When it comes to down ’n’ dirty roots ’n’ roll, nobody in the
wide world of Americana music today does it better than
Ray Wylie Hubbard.
From his humble beginnings as an Oklahoma folkie in the ’60s to his wild ride
through the ’70s progressive country movement, and onward through the
honky-tonk fog of the ’80s to his sobriety-empowered comeback as a songwriter’s
songwriter in the ’90s, Hubbard was already a bonafide legend by the
time he really found his groove right at the turn of the century. Beginning with
2001’s aptly-titled Eternal and Lowdown through to his latest and greatest
release, 2015’s The Ruffian’s Misfortune, he has spent well over a decade
now chasing hellhounds through muddy waters and deep into the underbelly
of the blues, with a Lightnin’ Hopkins gleam in his eyes and a Rolling Stones
swagger in his step

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Ray Wylie Hubbard  08/20/2008            
A Huge Fan
Ray Wylie Hubbard in my book is at the top of the songwriters game. I have been a fan since the 70's. That tells you how old I am but Ray played and wrote songs with BW Stephensen and songwriters of that calibre are few and far between. He can write and play and his music comes from the heart. That is what I look for in a songwriter. Give us some more Ray.
Ray Wylie Hubbard  04/16/2008            
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Ray Wylie Hubbard  07/11/2007            
Such a great CD...and Fred, local denizens are probably the only ones privy to that history on the Snake Farm. Makes me laugh every time I hear the song, makes me laugh every time I drive past!Can't wait til the weekend to hear it and all that other fine music live again!
Ray Wylie Hubbard  07/11/2007            
Just so y'all know, in the 90's the San Antonio Snake Farm was functioning as a front for a whore house. Hubbard's song, 'Snake Farm,' serves to poke fun at the situation. I wondered if only San Antonio residents would understand what that song was about. "She drives everybody off and then we, you know, snake farm."
Ray Wylie Hubbard  05/25/2007            
Great CD I listen to most everday on the way to work, one of the only CD's I have that I like all the track on. Good mix of rock, blues and country can't belive I'm actually enjoying the country. I bought it for the title song as I use to live San Antonio and have been to the Snake Farm, brings back good memories. -Andrew
Ray Wylie Hubbard  04/24/2007            
It flat doen't get ANY better. Ray is THE real deal of Texas Music
Ray Wylie Hubbard  03/11/2007            
Double D
I love it!! Snake farm..so symbolic to a den of serpents one can naively step into in life(be it social circles or situations) and yet riveting the dusty ole soul of the southerners to some sort of excitement in life, even at the tongue and cheek of hallmarking the local tourist attraction.
Ray Wylie Hubbard  02/28/2007            
i can't get the lyrics outa my head....snake farm.... ray wylie hubbard has a hit!
Ray Wylie Hubbard  01/23/2007            
ok, so I bought this CD for the title song, and Live & Die Rock & Roll was a bonus. The CD ain't too awful bad, if you like to get drunk on George Dickel & listen to RWH by yourself . . . in the dark. Turn the bass up for to get the real bluesy effect.
Ray Wylie Hubbard  01/16/2007            
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