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When it comes to down ’n’ dirty roots ’n’ roll, nobody in the
wide world of Americana music today does it better than
Ray Wylie Hubbard.
From his humble beginnings as an Oklahoma folkie in the ’60s to his wild ride
through the ’70s progressive country movement, and onward through the
honky-tonk fog of the ’80s to his sobriety-empowered comeback as a songwriter’s
songwriter in the ’90s, Hubbard was already a bonafide legend by the
time he really found his groove right at the turn of the century. Beginning with
2001’s aptly-titled Eternal and Lowdown through to his latest and greatest
release, 2015’s The Ruffian’s Misfortune, he has spent well over a decade
now chasing hellhounds through muddy waters and deep into the underbelly
of the blues, with a Lightnin’ Hopkins gleam in his eyes and a Rolling Stones
swagger in his step

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Ray Wylie Hubbard  09/19/2005            
Bob Campbell
This CD is exactly what one of the songs on the album and Ray are about. COOLER N HELL. Thanks Ray and anyone who hasn't bought this yet is missing a great one.
Ray Wylie Hubbard  09/19/2005            
Bob Campbell
Delerium Tremolos is exactly what one of the songs on the album and Ray are all about. Just COOLER N HELL. Thank you Ray and anyone who hasn't bought this yet, you are missing a great one.
Ray Wylie Hubbard  08/30/2005            
Red Stick
This is what I "love" about Texas Music fans, Ray Wylie Hubbard is as good as it gets and he only has 19 reviews and one is from a brain dead imbecile who thinks his only good song was redneck mothers. The stupidity is just astounding.....
Ray Wylie Hubbard  08/29/2005            
Has everyone purchased tickets to Labor Fest 2005 at Carlos and Charlies on September 3rd?? I just baught tickets and they were only 15 dollars!! What a deal! Ray Wylie Hubbard, Aaron Watson, Bleu Edmondson and drew Womack are all playing. These guys always put on a great show and what an awesome venue, right on Lake Travis!!
Ray Wylie Hubbard  08/17/2005            
Ray Wylie Hubbard  07/15/2005            
i was just wondering what the name of the song was that says something about snake farm....
Ray Wylie Hubbard  06/06/2005            
Angie McClure
Ray Wylie Hubbard is one of my favorite live performances. If you haven't had a chance to go to one of his shows, you're missing out. Not only are his lyrics phenomenal, but he introduces his songs with some great storytelling. He's a pretty funny guy. I have all of his albums and Eternal and Lowdown is my favorite. But, I think all of them are good and definitely worth the money.
Ray Wylie Hubbard  04/22/2005            
Yela Cat
This new album Delirium Tremolos is like theropy. Ray Wylie is like fine wine he improves as he ages.This album is a listening pleasure. Unique, Raw, and Intentional. Someone else told me ah yea he does a bunch of covers. Im impressed he not only does them, he does them justice.Run out and buy this record.
Ray Wylie Hubbard  03/17/2005            
This is a CD full of bad cover songs. Who ever said Ray Wylie Hubbard was a good songwriter needs to go back and listen to Waylon or Hank Williams. This guy's only good song was Redneck Mother.
Ray Wylie Hubbard  01/20/2005            
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