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Rich O'Toole
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Rich O’Toole is honest to goodness Texas talent with a spicy presence in his music that can only be found hailing from a state that has a reputation for everything being bigger – and Rich proves this rumor true with huge lyrical passion, a gigantic portion of daring subject matter that’ll leave any listener wide-eyed, and massive on-stage energy.  This energy hasn’t fallen one bit even after four years of touring nationally.  It’s only increased, and for Rich, that’s the plan for the rest of his career.    

Rich’s new record "Kiss of a Lair" showcases passion, mixed with honest songwriting, and spun into guitar driven country/rock melodies that are noticeably present in his latest single “The Cricket Song”, released in February.  This single is only one of many on the record that beg each listener to be a part of Rich’s story and sometimes, the story pushes the envelope without tipping it over.  Crowd-favorite “Marijuana & Jalapenos” is a Texas anthem that’ll have you trying to grin around the tongue in your cheek.  Rich is accompanied by some of the industry’s most sought after songwriters including Jimbeau Hinson (“Hillbilly Highway”, Steve Earle) and Trent Summar (“She Knows What to Do With a Saturday Night”, Billy Currington).  Be ready to embark on a story-telling journey when Steve Earle meets Mark Twain in one of the album’s cuts written by Hinson titled “Banks of the Mississippi”.        

Rich displays an energetic take on-stage that is aurally present in the upcoming record.  His drive for life is lyrically present in the album’s closer, “I’m Never Gonna Quit”.  This never-give-up mantra has led Rich to accumulate a die-hard and dedicated fan base over his years of touring who could sing every word to each song on the night’s set list.  Night after night, he offers audiences an energetic and intimate performance that could only be described as “Bruce Springsteen meets Country Music” and if you ask him what it is that fuels these performances and his recent success, he’ll reply with one word:  passion.    

“If I didn’t love playing city after city so much, I wouldn’t do it.  There’ll be times when I leave the stage soakin’ wet because of how much energy the crowd and I shared.”

Intriguing song content, melodies that will have you riding on verve, and the determination to present an ever-increasing on-stage dynamism to audiences across the U.S. make Rich O’Toole a Country force to watch out for.

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Rich O'Toole  10/15/2008            
these dudes are great!
Rich O'Toole  10/14/2008            
if ya haven't already, y'all need to check these guys out. They rock the joint!
Rich O'Toole  10/14/2008            
tony b
great cd! got a sneak peak its a must buy!
Rich O'Toole  10/10/2008            
Rich O'Toole is completely talentless and has no business playing whatsoever. Most 4th grade students play the triangle better than he can 'strum' a guitar. As far as his singing, it's pathetic. But, alas, the Texas music bums prove once again that they will listen to pretty much anything if it's put in front of them long enough. Am I wrong, or has it become normal for a dude who can't carry a tune in a bucket to have a song on the Texas chart? It's just depressing.
Rich O'Toole  09/25/2008            
This thing Rocks Texas Style. This Guy is great.
Rich O'Toole  09/23/2008            
john e
Hell YES!
Rich O'Toole  09/07/2008            
will q
"In a Minute or 2" is great!
Rich O'Toole  08/05/2008            
Bad ASS!
Rich O'Toole  07/31/2008            
Congrats on your 4th top 10 single!! thats awesoooome!
Rich O'Toole  07/28/2008            
4 Consecutive Top 10 Singles! That is Awesome!
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