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Rich O’Toole is honest to goodness Texas talent with a spicy presence in his music that can only be found hailing from a state that has a reputation for everything being bigger – and Rich proves this rumor true with huge lyrical passion, a gigantic portion of daring subject matter that’ll leave any listener wide-eyed, and massive on-stage energy.  This energy hasn’t fallen one bit even after four years of touring nationally.  It’s only increased, and for Rich, that’s the plan for the rest of his career.    

Rich’s new record "Kiss of a Lair" showcases passion, mixed with honest songwriting, and spun into guitar driven country/rock melodies that are noticeably present in his latest single “The Cricket Song”, released in February.  This single is only one of many on the record that beg each listener to be a part of Rich’s story and sometimes, the story pushes the envelope without tipping it over.  Crowd-favorite “Marijuana & Jalapenos” is a Texas anthem that’ll have you trying to grin around the tongue in your cheek.  Rich is accompanied by some of the industry’s most sought after songwriters including Jimbeau Hinson (“Hillbilly Highway”, Steve Earle) and Trent Summar (“She Knows What to Do With a Saturday Night”, Billy Currington).  Be ready to embark on a story-telling journey when Steve Earle meets Mark Twain in one of the album’s cuts written by Hinson titled “Banks of the Mississippi”.        

Rich displays an energetic take on-stage that is aurally present in the upcoming record.  His drive for life is lyrically present in the album’s closer, “I’m Never Gonna Quit”.  This never-give-up mantra has led Rich to accumulate a die-hard and dedicated fan base over his years of touring who could sing every word to each song on the night’s set list.  Night after night, he offers audiences an energetic and intimate performance that could only be described as “Bruce Springsteen meets Country Music” and if you ask him what it is that fuels these performances and his recent success, he’ll reply with one word:  passion.    

“If I didn’t love playing city after city so much, I wouldn’t do it.  There’ll be times when I leave the stage soakin’ wet because of how much energy the crowd and I shared.”

Intriguing song content, melodies that will have you riding on verve, and the determination to present an ever-increasing on-stage dynamism to audiences across the U.S. make Rich O’Toole a Country force to watch out for.

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Rich O'Toole  06/01/2007            
Great Aggie, Great young artist. He puts a lot of energy into his shows and he does a hell of a job. It is a great album, and I recommend it to anyone.
Rich O'Toole  05/24/2007            
Eric M
I have no desire to "compete" vocally on the air with someone with so much time on their hands. And I don't have MY dictionary with me. I am left with no alternative, but to forgo this inane allocution and vapid barrage of the everso ardent array of listeners. And as for the constituents of negativity. Stay true to yourselves. El P, My answer is no. I don't have the luxury of time to waste on such a lame topic. Rich I really am sorry that this guy chose your wall for his listener attacks. :( On a lighter note. I really enjoyed your song about marijuana and jalapenos. Over and out.- end of threaded discussion.
Rich O'Toole  05/24/2007            
El P from
Eric: You disguise more unnecessary negativity in the form of compliments to your cohorts. It is, indeed, a forum for reviews. You may not see the personal attacks but the most eggregious and legally actionable have been removed. I'll make you and texite a deal. If you feel this strongly about the issue, feel free to call in to Radio Free Texas and let's have a discussion about it on the air. I am giving you access to air your views and defend your actions to ever listener of Radio Free Texas. Email me and we'll schedule it.
Rich O'Toole  05/24/2007            
El P from
texite: Fine. You don't like the music. I think I covered that in what I said about you and your sister. Then address it on that level. Resorting to personal attacks that will result in a lawsuit against you and a subpoena to LSM to obtain your IP address is foolish. Ever heard of slander per se or business disparagement? I reserve my reviews on individual material since we play nearly every single artist on LSM but it'll be a cold day in hell when I sit back and watch some faceless no-name hack bash these guys from the perceived safety of their keyboard. If you've got something to say about these artists then have the balls to tell us who you are. If you really believe it then stand up and be counted. Don't be a puss. My offer still stands. You want to engage in some personal attacks I can be reached any time at [email protected] or If you want ass you better bring ass.
Rich O'Toole  05/24/2007            
Eric M
El P, to amend your review, I would like to comment on the fact that this is a forum for review of the talent. It is meant allow others to either spread the word, or in this case, warn the listeners, whether or not to go and spend their time and hard earned money. I thank you all for your negative reviews. It really means a great deal to me that you cared enough to warn me not to go see this act. I see no personal attacks on this page. Thanks again.
Rich O'Toole  05/24/2007            
Wowzer!! What a long oration. Review? Analyze? Are you kidding me? I love Texas music! This is bad Texas music. He is loud and monotone - how is that for a review... Jealous??? of what? Either I like the music or not. In this case it is a not.
Rich O'Toole  05/24/2007            
This is a GREAT CD! Rich also puts on one hell of a show, too. Add on top of that the fact that he's a sweetheart! This kiddo is going places.
Rich O'Toole  05/23/2007            
El P at RadioFreeTexas
To all the naysayers: You really should go over and read what I wrote under Bart Crow on this very site. As I read these negative reviews the most interesting thing that I see is that they are not reviews. They are attack pieces. If you want to issue a negative review of the artists work or the album then do it. Why result to ad hominem attacks? You might want to plug that into your favorite online dictionary since you most likely will not know what it means.I have seen reviews LIKE these ON Johnny Cooper, Bart Crow AND others AND it seems LIKE a serious CASE OF jealousy.Maybe you dont understand why these guys are blowing up. Newsflash! You don't have TO .The world doesn't revolve around you or your understanding. My guess is that there are plenty of things that you don't understand. AND I want you TO know that I actually have compassion FOR you AND the lack OF activity BETWEEN your synapses.Remember, Bad - Review - Writer, WHEN you get OVER your jealous streak there IS always a job waiting FOR you at Goodwill.The bottom line IS that just because an artist IS NOT your cup OF tea doesn't mean that there is not a legion of people out there that don't LIKE them.Remember WHEN you roll OVER IN bed AND look at your sister, there IS someone FOR everyone. AND don't forget, just because you feel like you are keeping your anonymity when you post under multiple names on here, you aren't .You are still the same douchebag that you were WHEN using your own name. TO 'The Stand': WHEN you feel LIKE bashing LSM just go look IN the mirror.They are doing a great service FOR the music community.You are still a Molson - swilling, moose - humping, back bacon eating loser.Here's my email address if you feel like you want to bash me. Bring it! El P
Rich O'Toole  05/23/2007            
There is no substance. I agree with Sad Fan. All of his songs sound alike. Sorry, but not for me.
Rich O'Toole  05/22/2007            
americana fan
Substance! have you heard pancho villa or texas blues off of rich's cd its deep
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