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Rodney Hayden
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Rodney Hayden exists on traditional country music with each breath he draws. Listening and watching his performance makes one feel like a recent breeze transported Rodney from some unseen country music other world reserved only for true believers. Rodney's roots are deep in south Texas and his singing confesses a love and knowledge of performers one would have heard in the dusty years before man took his one small step onto the moon. At twenty Rodney is brimful with an abundance of talent and instinct for delivering the real thing to his audience. With his appreciation for his predecessors and innate desire to carry on Rodney is both a prolific writer and connoisseur of present day songwriters. Rodney's shows include material by Steve Earle, Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Chip Taylor, Kris Kristofferson, Wayne Hancock and Billy Joe Shaver. His delivery is clean and confident. Rodney Hayden has gathered together the necessities for a long journey - lyrics, confidence, ability, and desire. He has attracted the attention of the long-time musicphiles through his own shows across Texas and is gaining a wider popularity while sharing the stage with legendary music makers such as Junior Brown, Ricky Skaggs, Charlie Robison, Hank Williams III, Johnny Bush, Chris LeDoux and Robert Earl Keen. As San Antonio's own music archivist and country music critic, Wiley Alexander says, "Rodney Hayden has more than singing talent - he has the charisma of country great Hank Williams. He's here to stay."

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09/05/2007 - Hayden puts Nashville in rearview mirror - Read More
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Rodney Hayden  05/01/2007            
Awesome album! This is his best yet...and the other two were pretty great. It is so nice to see he is still around...The writing on the album is awesome! Great job Rodney and congrats! You should be very proud of this album!
Rodney Hayden  05/01/2007            
You just keep getting better, man!This is one of your best and I could not imaging anything better than the other two. God Bless!
Rodney Hayden  05/01/2007            
Don't listen to Maureen...Rodney's Down the Road cd is definately worth the buy. Don't know how Maureen could rate it based on a clip, but everyone has an opinion. Don't think co-writers like Robert Earl Keen, Bill Whitbeck,Trent Summar would write with just any ol "hat act". Heard Rodney at Gruene Hall last Thursday and he was great! Can't wait for the cd Release Party at Coughran Hall this weekend in Pleasanton. Keep up the good music Rodney! See ya, "down the road".
Rodney Hayden  04/28/2007            
Whoops - wrong rating on my review. Hit the add button too soon! Both Rodney's previous albums are worth 5 stars but I'm not gonna spend my money on this one
Rodney Hayden  04/28/2007            
Oh, I was so excited when I saw the new Rodney Hayden cd. His first two were excellent, just about as good as music gets. I almost clicked buy but then I looked at the only review and had a listen to the audio clips. What, oh what has happened. It could be any 'hat' singing - nothing distinctive or 'real' about this. The only clip that caught my ear was the one featuring Sunny Sweeney - think I'll give this Hayden Horror a miss and check her out instead.
Rodney Hayden  04/24/2007            
Last cowboy
Not quite sure what to make of this one yet. Sounds like he's polished his music. His 2 other releases were great, honest country, but this one sounds like the majority of the CMT acts.
Rodney Hayden  01/06/2006            
I am form the same small town as rodney I have seen him a few times at weddings and stuff like that he is a great singer and a great guy so I recomend this cd to everybody
Rodney Hayden  03/16/2005            
I absolutely love this guy! Both albums are superb and have found a home in my CD player. His sound is pure! Highly recommended!
Rodney Hayden  10/22/2004            
I am sitting at the office right now with Uneven Ground playing on my laptop. This is excellence guys. I took a break to do this review because I think that highly of you guys. I hope to make it out to see you all again very soon..... To everyone else reading this: GO SEE A LIVE SHOW!!! The CD is geat but live is unmatched
Rodney Hayden  09/12/2004            
Bob Texas
How come this guy ain't huge? I haven't heard a great disc like this since his debut. A true Country artist, renegade style. Hag would be proud.
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