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Rodney Hayden
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Rodney Hayden exists on traditional country music with each breath he draws. Listening and watching his performance makes one feel like a recent breeze transported Rodney from some unseen country music other world reserved only for true believers. Rodney's roots are deep in south Texas and his singing confesses a love and knowledge of performers one would have heard in the dusty years before man took his one small step onto the moon. At twenty Rodney is brimful with an abundance of talent and instinct for delivering the real thing to his audience. With his appreciation for his predecessors and innate desire to carry on Rodney is both a prolific writer and connoisseur of present day songwriters. Rodney's shows include material by Steve Earle, Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Chip Taylor, Kris Kristofferson, Wayne Hancock and Billy Joe Shaver. His delivery is clean and confident. Rodney Hayden has gathered together the necessities for a long journey - lyrics, confidence, ability, and desire. He has attracted the attention of the long-time musicphiles through his own shows across Texas and is gaining a wider popularity while sharing the stage with legendary music makers such as Junior Brown, Ricky Skaggs, Charlie Robison, Hank Williams III, Johnny Bush, Chris LeDoux and Robert Earl Keen. As San Antonio's own music archivist and country music critic, Wiley Alexander says, "Rodney Hayden has more than singing talent - he has the charisma of country great Hank Williams. He's here to stay."

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09/05/2007 - Hayden puts Nashville in rearview mirror - Read More
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Rodney Hayden  10/04/2003            
Jon Walk
I saw Rodney Thursday night at the Big Texas Dance Hall & Saloon in Webster, Texas (a nice venue by the way). I haven't been able to see him perform live since he played before Alan Jackson last October at the State Fair. ... It is just a shame that Rodney doesn't get more respect on the radio. He's got great material and is even better live! ... He played nearly every song from both of his CDs as well as doing bang-up jobs on covers from Buck Owens ("Act Naturally") to Lefty Frizzell (an admitted influence of his) to Merle Haggard to an excellent version of "Fraulein" ... I just kept sitting there thinking that it was a shame that there were only about 30 or 40 people there, but what makes Rodney the professional that he is is that it never seemed to phase him ... Met he and Kody after the show, bought 2 CDs and he signed this one for my 8-year-old daughter who he met last year at the State Fair ... and he remembered her name. I bought the CD Thursday night and I've already gone through it five or six times. I've got a six-CD changer in the truck ... two of them are occupied by Rodney Hayden. Let's hope Audium Records can get Rodney more on the national scene ... he deserves that shot!
Rodney Hayden  09/03/2003            
Rodney should try to open shows for other folks besides REK. Not to knock Rodney... REK should give Rodney a break so other new comers could open for him. REK and his wife have been down right rude to other artist who would like to open for them. To the point where they have made venues cancel an opening artist just before the show. Rodney has first preference for opening REKs show, if he can even be there......what about the other great up and comers who have always looked at REK as the king. Rodney and REK are quietly burning bridges......Can't believe REK would do such a thing to folks who have so much respect for him.
Rodney Hayden  09/02/2003            
saw Rodney back in June at "Gruene Hall" and I was flored by his voice. Don't let his young image fool ya. He's true to his traditional roots of what todays country music should sound like..I enjoy Rodneys cd, & can't wait to get his new one, & to go back to Austin Texas.. "AUSTIN IS LIKE HEAVEN." ;)
Rodney Hayden  05/23/2003            
seen rodney many times and he has one great sound. if he sticks with robert earl keen he will be big. come back to cheatham st., san marcos texas
Rodney Hayden  05/18/2003            
Billy Blackman
Rodney's 1st album is a rock solid one that should be in everyone's collection...I can't wait until his second one comes out.
Rodney Hayden  07/07/2002            
Rodney Hayden has released a beautiful album with honest, refreshing songs and true country music. No mass produced, pre-packaged, maufactured, sanitized, Nashville sell-out sound here; although certainly professional quality, and a sound Nashville once recognized. Hayden's voice is rich and true with a maturity beyond his years. I listen to a lot of music from country to classical, and western (Nashville doesn't even know what that is anymore) to world. So I think I have some good listening experience. I wanted to say this is a great debut album. I look forward to more of his work and I hope he stays true to his own vison and sound. I think Hank Williams is smiling. The herd may be in Nashville, but old cowboy wisdom says, "always drink upstream from the herd." Best of luck to ya!
Rodney Hayden  05/10/2002            
This is the best set of songs I have heard in years. No offense to previous reviewers, but this guy is no REK or Pat Green....he's better. Pat doesn't even stand up to Rodney Hayden. He has the voice of a trained and seasoned performer yet has the face of small town kid. With that combination he blows people away. He suprises listeners with his soulful lyrics and country twang. Job well done to Rodney and the rest of the band.
Rodney Hayden  04/09/2002            
Mark Akins
"The Real Thing" Rodney Hayden April 9, 2002 Rodney Hayden has the real thing covered with this traditional offering, with covers of Tom Waite's, Billy Joe Shaver, and the ever fun loving Robbie Fulks, Rodney hits his stride. With a unique voice he displays his powerful baritone with a full spectrum of songs ranging from the pure honky tonking title track, to a unusual cover of "Black Rose". Unusual, becuase it's lyrics are slightly altered yet it still has the bite Billy Joe achieved with the original. "December Rose" is a beautifully written true story of an old man who approached him at a show and traded a story for a lifelong memory. It is a touching tale of pure untainted love that Rodney delivers superbly. Rodney's cover of "I Hope I DOn't Fall in Love With You" is superb. You can tell his admiration for Tom Waite's songwriting and music with his delivery of this old classic. He handles the Robbie Fulk's song "Tears Only Run One Way" with a little bit of bottled up humor that Robbie exhibits in his intial version. Rodney surrounds himself with some of the most talented artist in the industry with Rich Brotherton producing, mixing, playing, and singing. Randy Scruggs adds his fine acoustical playing on numerous selection, along with Bill Whitbeck "new" found talent as a songwriter (true REK fans know his talent there). This CD is screaming play me over and over again. This is by far one of the best CD of the year. Robert and Kathleen Keen have found themself a goldmine of talent with Rodney's pure unadulterated musical skills. This CD is simply a delight to listen to each time. Mark (The Landshark) Akins
Rodney Hayden  02/06/2002            
Tom Faulkenberry
I have to say that it breaks my heart to only see one review of this album so far. After all, it is one of the BEST that I've heard in years. No offense to the last reviewer, but Rodney's sound is absolutely his own. Pat and Cory and REK are the greatest at what they do, but Rodney goes in a different direction. This album sits right beside my Ed Burleson and Dale Watson CDs. There's Texas Music...there's Country Music. Rodney is Texas Country Music -- perfect combination if you ask me. I've been waiting for this album to come out for a very long while, and I'm pleased with it. I would give it as many stars as allowed.
Rodney Hayden  01/30/2002            
Gena Fry
I have been listening and dancing to country music for 30 years and I have to say Rodney Hayden is the best thing to come along in many years. Not only does he have a great voice, but he writes songs with meaning and sings them with feeling. This young man is going to go far.
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