Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers

Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers
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Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers (RCPM) is a searing rock & roll foursome nursed by the desert air of their Arizona home base. The band has achieved independent recording success and fierce fan loyalty and continues to inspire with their unique, rule-breaking style. Clyne's songwriting is often compared to the greats of rock and Americana music and on the band's March 2007 album, "No More Beautiful World"; he weaves the song mastery that ensures that words are never wasted. A legion of fans help propel the band's popularity with sold-out shows and coveted Top 10 entries in Billboard charts for all of their albums. In fact, RCPM is the only independent band to have had five consecutive albums debut in the top 10 of Billboard's Internet Sales chart, including several #1 entries. Front man Roger Clyne is also well known as singer/songwriter for the The Refreshments, a late-90’s rock band whose cult-classic album "Fizzy Fuzzy, Big & Buzzy" produced the hit singles Banditos and Down Together. Clyne also wrote and performed the twangy theme song for FOX's animated hit, "King of The Hill."
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Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers  07/12/2005            
Great CD from a great band. These guys kick a$$ live and this cd makes a valid attempt at capturing that live vibe. Check these guys out!
Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers  07/11/2005            
I have been to numerous concerts of the peacemakers and every one gets better than the last! I love that almost all of the songs on Americano! talk relate to mexico, because like him, my second home is a third world cantina!! I recommend this album to anyone looking for a refreshing new beat.
Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers  07/08/2005            
Texas TriDelt 08
I saw this band at Willie Nelson's Picnic and they were awesome. The song Green & Dumb is one of the best songs I have ever heard. Bought my copy today!
Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers  06/16/2005            
Chef Todd
Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers are the best band the world hasnt heard yet! Once they make it to the national stage they will turn many an ear to their Buffet meets Hagar meets Willie sensibility. These four guys make music fun again, no angst or haters, just good old fashioned appreciation for what we have and what we look forward to.
Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers  06/15/2005            
Puerto Penasco
Buy this album, buy em' all. The Peacemakers are the remnants of The Refreshments and other Tempe music scene wanderers. They have a huge following in the Phoenix/Tucson metro areas and put on one hell of a live show. Roger Clyne kills for two to three hours before the tequila catches up, but they have not and will not ever dilute their music. There 2004 release Americano is a must for everybody music fan. For those of you that are proud of your Texas Country, and trust me, we are jealous, check out a band that folks in the desert southwest are very proud to call their own. Talking to those who were at the show, this was one of the best shows ever at Billy Bob's, and that is damn hard to believe, knowing the quality of those who have played there and first hand knowledge of how hard these guys rock twice a year in Rocky Point, Mexico. Perhaps you will dig the CD enough to make the pilgramage.
Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers  06/14/2005            
I caught this band perform that night at Billy Bob's and they are awesome. Kinda like a mix between Cross Canadian Ragweed and Pat Green with a southwestern flavor. Cant wait to get this album!
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