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Ryan Bales Band
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For the hard partying Southern boys that make up the Ryan Bales Band, the party is only going to get bigger, louder, and faster in 2006. Their first album "Revival" was released in April, and they have two years of stage experience already under their belts to support the effort. Spend 5 minutes with these guys and it will become very clear to you that what you see is what you get. The guys have been together for a couple of years now, and have played some of Texas’ best venues with some of the best talent of the South. With a high-energy, hard hitting stage show to match their rock sound, fans can count on the Ryan Bales Band to deliver every time they take the stage. Observers have compared their sound to such greats as the Marshall Tucker Band and Little Feat, but Ryan’s trademark sandy growl helps elevate their sound to a place that is all their own. What you won’t find in the Ryan Bales Band is anyone or anything pretentious. Fans are friends around this band, which only aids the growth of their following all the more. Those friends are excited to help bring the band to the next level of success, supporting them throughout the release of their debut album. Bridging the gap from hometown favorites to cd release parties and radio play is a big step, but the RBB couldn’t be more ready. A tight-knit, cohesive unit with the common goal of bringing their sound to a larger stage, can accomplish great things.
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Ryan Bales Band  03/02/2007            
I am an avid Texas country listener and I think these guys are too much like Cross wanna be's. Only one half way decent song.
Ryan Bales Band  02/27/2007            
I saw these guys in San Marcos the other day, I was an instant fan!! Check these guys out if given the chance
Ryan Bales Band  02/27/2007            
Great Band, awsome show, tons of energy
Ryan Bales Band  02/27/2007            
Can't see how you can doubt the talent or the band. Great energy and a sound that isn't really definable. Good, genuine bunch of guys too, even though that has nothing to do with the music.
Ryan Bales Band  02/24/2007            
Ft. Worth
This is for giving them 5 stars on accident......I would give them negative 10 if I could! Lead singer get some vocal lessons so you can sing live.
Ryan Bales Band  02/24/2007            
Ft. Worth
Horrible, Horrible, Horrible.....All I ahve to say. No talent, can't sing, and can't even get a crowd of TCU students dancing. Sorry but how these guys are on the radio is beyond me.
Ryan Bales Band  02/22/2007            
Jimmy G
These guys are awesome. One of the best lead guitar players around. I highly recommend this album
Ryan Bales Band  02/13/2007            
Their live show is so amazing, and the CD is one of the best that has come out in a long time! You have to go see these guys!
Ryan Bales Band  01/30/2007            
ryans cuzin
when are they gonna get a record label because they are the poop
Ryan Bales Band  01/01/2007            
Saw them in KC at the Grand Emporium in '06, ordered their cd the next day. Can't say enough about 'em, love their music!
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