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Sam Baker
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Pretty World Before the sun Before the heat Before we untangle from our sheets Before this summer day unfurls Pretty world Before the paper is dropped at the gate Before the coffee before we are late Before dreams are lost like midnight pearls Pretty world Pretty world, pretty roses Pretty smile morning light Pretty eyes lazy curls Pretty world Before the traffic before the jets Before the sound of your footsteps Fades away like summer girls Pretty World
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Sam Baker  08/08/2007            
Awesome. Brilliant. Poweful. Beautiful. I LOVE this album.
Sam Baker  08/07/2007            
Texas should be thouroughly ashamed of itself. Where have you lot been hiding this guy. My CD arrived this morning from LSM and I have not stopped playing it. Brilliant. It is not often I actually listen to the words on songs but you have to listen to this. He can write and boy can he deliver. I live in Ireland and am approaching old age. Please Sam, come visit.
Sam Baker  07/31/2007            
KB Talent
I just came on here to tell everyone how amazing Sam is and i saw that someone named "KB" wrote some bad stuff about this record...For the record that is not KB Talent! We absolutely love Sam Baker and his new record! Buy It now...dont are missing out every minute this record isnt in your possession!
Sam Baker  07/21/2007            
Heard him at the ol moulton bank and went wild . have next Cd on order..
Sam Baker  07/19/2007            
Heard this almost by mistake.Loved it.
Sam Baker  07/06/2007            
Sam Baker may very well be the best songwriter alive. No Poop!!!
Sam Baker  07/06/2007            
Sam Baker may very well be the best songwriter alive. No Poop!!!
Sam Baker  07/05/2007            
Bad review, but 5 stars. The thing that sucks here is the space between KB's ears. Sam rocks!
Sam Baker  07/03/2007            
This guy sucks
Sam Baker  06/26/2007            
paddy the irishmanI
am not into country. I heard one of his songs late night on a UK radio programme. I acquired Mercy the next day. Have not stopped playing it since. Awesome.
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