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Pretty World Before the sun Before the heat Before we untangle from our sheets Before this summer day unfurls Pretty world Before the paper is dropped at the gate Before the coffee before we are late Before dreams are lost like midnight pearls Pretty world Pretty world, pretty roses Pretty smile morning light Pretty eyes lazy curls Pretty world Before the traffic before the jets Before the sound of your footsteps Fades away like summer girls Pretty World
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Sam Baker  05/29/2007            
Jack T D
Most moving performance on CD in the past decade. Astounding talent. I wouldn't review this CD except the slag reviews that show up just dumbstruck me. There are 40 ish reviews on this site and almost everyone is five star. Two are one star. What were they listening to? Is the amplifier on? Is the CD in the right way up? Are all the dogs barking too loudly? Give me more Sam. His new CD arrives this summer. Not soon enough.
Sam Baker  05/28/2007            
this is one of the best cds i have ever heard. incredible songwriting.
Sam Baker  05/03/2007            
Deborah Allen
We want more! We want more!
Sam Baker  04/17/2007   
Very Very Cool, great voice great arts and sentiments, Waitin' for the next album. From Rome - Italy!
Sam Baker  04/04/2007            
most rednecks wont ge t this, its way too cool, this one does, art performance art , rally great stuff
Sam Baker  03/17/2007            
West Texas Walts
Love the voice. Love the songs. Waitin' for the next album.
Sam Baker  01/10/2007            
A lucky strike on a UK radio show introduced me to Sam - its a real pleasure to come across music like this. The Tom Waits style delivery and cleverly emotive lyrics this has been a real hit with everyone I have played it to.
Sam Baker  01/05/2007            
Went with my wife and friends to see Gurf Morley, Romy Mayes, and Sam Baker together @ Couville's in Beaumont a couple of weeks ago, and was blown away by Sam Baker's talent for story telling his music, with his unique Americana styled talent, and I thought it was some of the most memorable music I've heard in my 55 years.
Sam Baker  12/24/2006            
WoW! I cant believe someone gave this album a bad review? I just saw him live at the Mucky Duck and it was amazing. Sam Baker writes songs like Hemingway writes books. He's so descriptive and honest you feel like your there in the song. I recomend this album to anyone who appreciates good music and when you get the chance, GO SEE HIM LIVE!
Sam Baker  12/20/2006            
Chester Harkins
I just heard Sam for the first time at the Mucky Duck in Houston...I've been a songwriter for years and after seeing Sam I felt I've never even written a song yet !! Later that night I got a tune and told a story from my childhood that was inspired by Sam's songwriting...if you don't get what he writes may take a few years of life lived...but some will never get it...truth and honesty scares alot of people....Sam keep giving us songs as they come to you...thanks for sharing your gift.
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