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Scott Hall
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Singer Songwriter, Scott Hall was born in Fort Worth, Texas with a deep rooted Texas history. His maternal grandmother was born in the back of a covered mule freight wagon somewhere in Eastland County, Texas in 1904, and could remember when Dallas had dirt streets. His Uncle was a rodeo performer and bull rider turned Cutting Horse trainer, who had a World Champion in 1965. David Lynn Jones and Waylon Jennings recorded a song written about his uncle in 1988 called “High Ridin’ Heros” on Polygram Records. Growing up in the shadow of the Fort Worth Stockyards, Scott naturally developed a love of country music, and has become a real storyteller in the purest sense in the songs which are so uniquely his own. One of Scott’s first summer jobs was swimming pool installation and maintenance. He kept the crew entertained with his singing which was influenced in part by his mother’s love of Rock and Blues music and his paternal grandfather’s passion for country music. It was through the expression of grief over the loss of his grandfather that inspired “Granddads Song”, one of his earliest songs which is included on his album A Matter of Time. Scott has gone on to tell the stories of his life, in songs like Know What You Stand to Lose, True Hearts (written about his Mom and Dad), Paradise TX, I Can’t Lie to Myself, The Rodeo (inspired by a bullrider friend of his) A Matter of Time (the heartbreaking story of one of his best friends) and in possibly his most recognizable song Two Loves Too Late which has been a favorite of Stockyard’s DJs, and DJ requests at clubs such as The Horseman where the song has been in the top 3 all-time requested. Two songs from A Matter of Time have been on the Texas Regional Radio Report Chart Top 50. The Rodeo held a position for five months in 2004, and The Angel in the Girl reached #8 in 2005, finishing #34 of the Top 100 for the year 2005. Scott’s first band was called Panther City , which is the nickname for Fort Worth and goes back to the 1880s. The band was an incredible bunch of guys who were together from 1997 until the end of 2001. During this time, Scott cut his second album titled Panther City. Not able to get radio airplay, which was a problem impacting many of the great Texas Bands of the day, the album was put on where one of the songs was #9 in plays for the year 1999 in the Country Music genre. This was out of thousands of songs uploaded to the site, not just the 100 or so that make it to the air waves on traditional radio. The album was very well received and in demand, but the independent label who produced it went out of business and soon it was not available to buy so it died a premature death. Because of the demand for Scott’s original songs, a few from Panther City were recut on his next album A Matter of Time with a new twist which reflects the changes in his life and expression of his music. When the new Gilley’s Dallas 90,000 sq. ft. Public Entertainment Facility was built in 2003, a talent search throughout Texas was conducted for Gilley’s spotlight vocalist and house band. Scott was selected and lead the band from August 2003 to September 2004. Kelly Walker (Lead Guitar/vocals), Josh Rodgers (Drums), and Colin Alexander (Bass, Lead Backup Vocals) were part of that talent search and continue on as The Scott Hall Band. His live shows, which are energy charged and upbeat, never fail to please and surprise his audiences when he does all his originals and his version of cover tunes such as Luckenboch, Texas (as Willie he’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face), Merle Haggard classics, Pat Green’s Wave On Wave with a Scott Hall twist, and a J. Giel’s Band medley/Bad Company segment that will rock your socks off. Scott and his band are doing the first LIVE at The Horseman Club CD to be recorded on July 14, 2006 on the Desert Sky Records label.
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Scott Hall  12/09/2006            
Lisa Vandergriff Nisbet
What a great voice. Love all of the songs.
Scott Hall  11/17/2006            
Music Fan
Wrong Scott Hall this guy has a real job!
Scott Hall  11/13/2006            
Mr. Hardbody
I remember seeing Scott put Jeff Jarrett in an abdominal stretch on "Monday Nitro" and thinking "Wow, he's hairy." I've never heard his music, but he was a fantastic performer and the Outsider's Edge is the coolest move ever. Thumbs up for the crucifix powerbomb.
Scott Hall  08/27/2006            
Scott's new LIVE album is his best work ever. He has awesome new songs and he showcases his vocal ability throughout the whole cd. This guy in on his way to the top. Can't wait brother keep on keeping on.
Scott Hall  08/13/2006            
scott aston
Man this guy can sing. I saw him the first time at wolfdance and cant get enough of him. U will love his music and the way he is on stage he can really put on a show. Go see him and but a cd u will love it.
Scott Hall  07/27/2006            
Ranger Dan
Scott Hall has the kind of voice you can listen to forever. His lyrics are meaningful and the melodies soulful. I can't wait to hear his new LIVE album.
Scott Hall  06/21/2006            
super mex.
i have had the pleasure of knowing scott on a personal and professional level as well. the whole band kelly,josh,collin all make up a great sound together for todays texas country sound. we follow him around all over to hear him and sing along and dance as well. scott and the guys have it all going for them and i cant help but think that it is "just a matter of time" when they will get that big break. i also have the bad luck so to speak of keeping scotts c/d around when i let someone listen to it i never get it back. scott kelly collin josh keep up the great work and you know i will see you guys at the next show. p.s. kelly can you put me on the guest list? thanks!!!! spencer!
Scott Hall  05/24/2006            
Scott and the guys are doing a great job my friends and i love going to his shows there always fun and entergetic. Matter of time is a kick ass album. Keep up the good work guys and we'll keep showig up for the shows
Scott Hall  04/13/2006            
Bobby B.
While I don't know Scott personally, I have seen him play at a variety of venues from full band to sole acoustic request/comedy improv.... As for talent? Absolutely loaded with it. I've bought 5 of the "M of T" albums from him at the shows because my copy kept "Disappearing". Lost track of him for a while (The Gilley's Excursion took him away from my mid-cities bar hop tour) but estatic I found him again....and need another copy.
Scott Hall  04/05/2006            
Shaun Blackwell
Scott has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard and the band is absolutely fantastic. Everyone in the band is extremely talented in their own right. The fantastic bass playing and great harmony from Colin Alexander, to the rockin' guitar playing from Kelly Walker - and keeping it all together is the awesome drum playing by Josh Rodgers. This band is very tight. You can tell they've been playing together for a long time. The CD is awesome and not filled with the typical "filler" songs that a lot of bands put on their CD's. All of the songs are great. Some are pretty rockin' and show the great talent of the band and others slow it down a bit and show off Scott's tremendous voice. My personal favorites are "I Can't Lie to Myself" and "You Don't Live Here Anymore". And you just have to love "The Rodeo" and the personal touch from "Grandads Song". All in all a really GREAT album. I'm looking forward to the next one already! Also - If you've never seen this band live - well then - you're missing out on something really special. You can tell they have a lot of fun doing what they're doing and they really appreciate the fans and it shows. Do yourself a favor and check them out as soon as you can. You will not be dissapointed! Buy the CD and check them out live. You'll soon become a big fan! Ciao'
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