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Seth James’ voice is as powerful as his uncontainable blues aura. Raised in King County, just north of Abilene, Texas, it is no surprise that he comes across as much of a Texan on the outside as he is on the inside. With a skilled piano player for a grandfather, and an accomplished drummer for a father, Seth James’ musical itch was inherited. After trying both piano and trumpet, Seth found his niche, when he started playing guitar in high school. The fates were surely at work when bassist Philip Tom realized that James had sold him his first bass while working at a local music store. Seth James and Philip Tom were to remain a magnetic musical pair, integrating their distinctive style drawing influence from artists like Bobby Mack, Doyle Bramhall, Albert Collins, Al Green, and Freddie King. Seth James soon made the move to Austin, Texas, which placed him in the “Mecca” of Texas music opportunity-- a place that has undoubtedly embraced this one of a kind talent. James’ debut album, Bad Luck and Trouble, stands as a glowing example of this songwriter’s ability to balance strong blues-rock progressions with introspective lyrics, all the while keeping fans on their toes. With native Texans Philip Tom on bass, Johnny Marshall on B3 organ and Ronnie Walker on drums, James’ second release, Live at Gruene Hall, captures the essence of this future Texas blues legend at his best. Seth James performs on both sides of the finely drawn line between blues and rock genres, combining firmly planted blues roots with impressive rock riffs. It doesn’t matter what label you can stamp on it…it’s just plain good. He has quickly captivated listeners and fans, and has created a marvel in the meantime.
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Seth James  03/18/2006            
Oh my God I love this guy's stuff and am appalled he doesn't get more recognition! I got his first CD .. Bad Luck & Trouble & have listened to it almost every day since and make anyone who rides with me listen to it!!! They too are blown away & fans before the drive is done...Can't wait for thr next CD if it's anything like the first
Seth James  12/06/2005            
Great CD! See this guy live and you will be hooked. He rocks.
Seth James  10/29/2005            
I didn't say it in the original review, but there is an SRV quality about Seth. He has his own sound, and is in command of each note on the guitar, as well as having a commanding vocal presence. Having seen tons of up and comers to the blues scene in Memphis over the years, I'm familiar with that "something" that sets musicians apart. I think Seth has that, and I expect his next album to be a breakthrough if he stays true to what got him where he is. I'd like to see them shorten the songs on their set, and play more songs. Even with that, you won't find a blues/rock band out there that is more promising than this one. Hope to see them again soon. Come back to Arkansas guys!
Seth James  10/29/2005            
Charles Williams
I'm stunned that there isn't a bigger following for this band. I caught them by sheer circumstance in Ft. Smith, AR on a business trip, and they were amazing. I bought the CD on the spot, and I listen to it all the time. I can't wait for the next album to be released. Buy won't be disappointed.
Seth James  10/09/2005            
Evan Dews
I saw these guys play last night and I have to say they are exactly what the music industry needs nowdays...real Rock n'Roll!! I finally saw a band that blew me away from the first song on!!! The last song of the night was almost a 20min instrumental.... GO Buy their album ASAP!!!
Seth James  10/07/2005            
Saw Seth James with Cross Canadian Ragweed in Wichita Falls, Tx and I really like him. He only sang one song, but it left you wanting more. He played the guitar through the whole set with Ragweed and I loved it. Really want to see one of HIS shows.
Seth James  03/31/2005            
The only reason I gave this album 4 instead of 5 stars is because I have seen the Seth James Band perform live many times; this is a poor example of their live show. It is still an excellent album. I love the changes that have been made to "Sweet Things" since its debut as a studio cut on "Bad Luck & Trouble"...not that either version is superior, but this version kicks @$$. When I heard the band was releasing a live album, I was hoping for some new original material, but the only Seth James-penned songs here are 3 songs from the debut album. In addition to those, we get 4 covers. They are strong covers, but if I picked 10 covers that I have heard them play, only one of these ("BlackJack") would make that cut. Please keep in mind I did give this album 4 stars, so just because I vented a little doesn't mean you should hold back in purchasing this disc. Go for it!
Seth James  03/31/2005            
Awesome debut album. You'll have trouble taking it out of your CD player. All original blues/rock music except for the cover of "Going Down". This music comes alive in a live setting.
Seth James  01/29/2005            
Wow! This guy is totally amazing! There aren't good enough words to describe him or his music!
Seth James  12/27/2004            
All Blues?
The only exposure I've had to Seth James is his rendition of Waylon's "Whatever happened to the blues?" In my opinion, I didn't like it. Really didn't seem to belong there. Could be that I'm just not a big blues fan. But I've heard so many good things about Seth. Is all of his music blues? Probably an acquired taste that I've yet to delve into? Just want to know what to expect.
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