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Todd Snider
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The singer-songwriter, praised as a next-in-line luminary by folks such as John Prine, Kris Kristofferson, Jerry Jeff Walker and Billy Joe Shaver, appears onstage as a barefoot tipsy gypsy, looking for all the world like he's stumbling into brilliance, eloquence and gut-busting humor. It's a great act, and this is not to say that he's not himself out there. He is, and it's his best self. It has landed him in hallowed performance halls, on the Jay Leno and David Letterman shows and in the good graces of his heroes. What people don't see, though, is the fellow who wakes early each morning, picks up a guitar and works on his poems. He writes them out by hand, and at first a Snider song is something like a big block of good wood. Then the knife comes out, the wood is shaped over days and weeks and sometimes years, and he shows it to people once he's done with it. His recordings, too, blend the inspiration of a moment with a thousand afterthoughts. They wind up on finished recordings because they are... well, finished. Even the jagged stuff is there on for a purpose. All of which makes Peace, Love and Anarchy (Rarities, B-Sides and Demos, Vol. 1) something of a revelation. Here are Snider's songs at first blush. Some of these compositions - among them, "Nashville," "Feels Like I'm Falling In Love (for co-writer Jack Ingram), Deja Blues (for co-writer Shaver) and "Feel Like Missing You" - grew up to become master recordings, while "Nashville" was whittled down some more before appearing on the East Nashville Skyline album. The title song of the latter album never made the album in question, and it appears here for the first time, complete with resplendent harmonica/steel guitar interplay between Snider and the legendary Lloyd Green. "Cheatham Street Warehouse" is a full-on rock 'n' roll tribute to a favorite Texas haunt, with Snider's tough-as-the-blues electric guitar duel with Tommy Womack in the middle and Green's searing steel solo dominating at song's end. "Combover Blues" is a slice of poignant wit, and Snider can't recall precisely why it was left off his original Oh Boy recordings. "I Will Not Go Hungry" is a weather-beaten spiritual reach, while the "Dinner Plans" haiku is all red wine reality. "Stoney" is taken from the much-bootlegged but never-issued Todd Sings Jerry Jeff album that he recorded over a few nights in East Nashville as an aural thank-you note to one of his inspirers. He sat in a chair with eyes closed and played the songs from memory: Todd Snider knows Jerry Jeff Walker songs as well as he knows anything in the world, including but not limited to rolling paper techniques, lighter fluid methodology and San Francisco Giants baseball. "Some Things Are" is another open-hearted endeavor, as is "From A Rooftop," Snider's postcard from the right side of town. Peace, Love and Anarchy is not a post-contract, drag-the-lake affair. It is a carefully constructed collection, and a testament to the potency of a catalogue built during Snider's five-year tenure with the small-but-stout Oh Boy Records family. For the listener, the album is an unprecedented window into Snider's workroom. It's an invitation for us to peer in and watch a gypsy whittle, and for us to whistle along while he works.
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Todd Snider  02/15/2007            
I was at the Larry Joe Taylor Days about 4 years ago and watched todd perform. He first sang with cross canadian ragweed and they had an awesome concert. The next night he played acoustic and it was awesome. The one thing that I noticed about Todd Snider was that he doesn't give a sh*t; he is going to have fun. That night, there was a tornado warning and the wind was blowing all over the place with rain in the face. I think the whole concert consisted of me,Todd, and the sound guy. Todd needs to come around more often.
Todd Snider  11/02/2006            
Heiko Wester from the Netherlands
I was tipped for The Devil You Know and I listened to some samples. Well I wasn't much impressed, then I heard some other CD's and I'm touched by East Nashville Skyline. The divers of the songs, it is amazing, GREAT music, Todd thanks!!
Todd Snider  10/09/2006            
Todd Snider  06/13/2006            
snider rocks
Great show at Threadgills Sunday night! You're amazing!!!
Todd Snider  06/07/2006            
I picked up Todd Snider's new album, "The Devil You Know" on iTunes earlier this week. It continues the string of strong releases by Todd on John Prine's Oh Boy records. At first, I was a little disappointed with this effort, but mostly because it is impossible to follow up "East Nashville Skyline". After several listens, "The Devil You Know" is almost as strong as "East Nashville Skyline." The stand-out track is "Happy New Year", which contains some of Todd's signature wry humor. In the song, Todd declares himself an "evangelical agnostic". Boy, has he come a long way from "Somebody's Coming" from "Songs for the Daily Planet"
Todd Snider  06/01/2006            
Tejas Jon
Pavarotti has a great voice, Todd has more talent than pavarotti under his left little toe nail. Todd Snider has it all when it comes to a true original singer/songwriter/entertainer he can be smooth and he gets rough and real. There was a poet/singer/songwriter in the 60's named Bob that many said could not sing. Pure polished plastic is not true american country/folk music - Todd is a Master of this creative entertaining artwork - James; open your whole self not just your plastic coated outer ear and you would hear the greatness that is Todd
Todd Snider  05/21/2006            
alright girl
I love your song "long Year"! I heard Gary Allan sing the song at one of his concerts and the lyrics and melody are just amazing. All of his fans are trying to get their hands on that song so this is great news for you. "Lonely girl" is something special as well. I 've always loved "alright guy", but after i've listened to a few of your cds i can definitely say i'm hooked! Keep on rockin'!
Todd Snider  02/16/2006            
James, I feel sorry that you have missed the boat on Todd. His music is a joy to listen too. Yes, he is known by most not very familiar with him for his humor, but his serious songs are far superior to most of the up and comers on this site that get so much praise. Your missing out on some great music.
Todd Snider  02/14/2006            
Todd Snider tells a great story. Too bad he can't sing his way out of a wet paper bag. His only good songs are the funny ones. Listen to Jarrod Birmingham if you want to hear real music!
Todd Snider  01/29/2006            
the polotics are were made up for with the lack of arrogance honest music and talent
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