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Various Artists
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This section is for soundtracks and compilations featuring some of the best of Texas music.
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Various Artists  08/13/2001            
this is a great set of road trip songs the people who put this together did a great job. A must buy.
Various Artists  07/25/2001            
Robert S.
This CD is a fantastic idea! The perfect music for driving in Texas.
Various Artists  07/18/2001            
love texas music but..
The reviews on this site get more pathetic every time I check it out. They lose substance and any validity to ANY artist on the site due to the immaturity of some of the "reviewers" who only air their petty, jealous views or their unrealistic, praising opinions of some of the various bands. Furthermore, it seems that people that can't even spell correctly shouldn't even have access to a computer to write these terrible reviews. All it does is further show their lack of education and intelligence. I hope that the artists mentioned on this site do not take any of these reviews to heart whether they are positive or negative.
Various Artists  07/11/2001            
Billy Henderson
Finally, a Texas sampler with a theme. It's going to be a great companion to a summer road trip.
Various Artists  07/10/2001            
WOw looks great! Great lineup of artists and songs, and I cant wait to hear the new Jack song on here.
Various Artists  07/09/2001            
Wow - I can't wait to buy it. It really does sound like a hit to me.
Various Artists  07/08/2001            
Does not souund like a big hit
Various Artists  06/21/2001            
I had to choose Vaious Artists because it was the only way to review THIS SITE. Great job guys, Love the new site, & the video of Charlie Robison is awesome. Hope to see more soon. Thanks for your constant innovation!
Various Artists  05/29/2001            
Houston Fan
I got one of the FREE LoneStar Samplers at REK's Uprising on Saturday and I can seem to get it outta my CD player. Great mixture of talented songwriters. Thanks guys. My boyfriend is bugging me to borrow mine so I guess I will have to buy some more CDs... Keep up the great work of spreading Texas music around the world. See you guys at another festival soon. -Becky
Various Artists  04/10/2001            
Alain Vernadeaux
Before I give you the "tip of the week" I want to say how much I appreciate this site ... man, it's great to be able to share in something that's gaining momentum and is so real. Great job Oh yeah, the review ... errr the "tip of the week". I was sifting through the cd's at my local Walmart and not having much luck finding a rare diamond amongst the same old tired, hyped up music you tend to find in a Walmart ... Anyway, I stumble across Allison Moorer - "The Hardest Part" ... I didn't know much about her other than the fact she recorded "A Soft Place To Fall" for the Horse Whisperer sound track and I really liked that song so I bought the disk. Folks, I wanna' tell ya' she is awesome, just incredible. She hails from rural Georgia and has a tragic background. (witnessed her father shooting her mother and then himself) This cd is not a mushy, Nashville, feel good kinda deal ... man it's chilling. I appreciate sad songs much more now that I have endured my share the past few years but this collection of songs will hit spots you forgot about or didn't even know you had ... Track 9 is a song called "I didn't mean to break your heart" ... one of he best songs I have ever heard ... starts off slow and then builds to a crashing, banging, screaming, why did you have to do that finish ... Anyone has ever had their heart broken in two will understand "you finally gone and done it, broke it right in two" and then the follow up line later in the song "right now it's hurtin', but it will be ok, I'll pick up both the pieces, and be on my way" This is a cd that won't get much, if any, air play, but if you want to listen to songs that move you right down to the souls of your feet, this is it ... Last but not least, Allison is just the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. I let my Mom borrow the disk a month ago and for some reason she never calls me anymore and I still don't have the disk back yet. tv
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