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Various Artists
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This section is for soundtracks and compilations featuring some of the best of Texas music.
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Various Artists  11/01/2006            
Tom Gibbs
This is just plu perfect fun that pays a fine homage to that grand old timeless Jerry Jeff album from so long ago (with a few new ingredients tossed into the chili) and at the same time revitalizes the songs and the overall feel. The Gonzo boys are in top form as are all the players and singers. Some personal favorites: Tommy Alverson doin Backsliders Wine; Walt Wilkins doin Little Bird; Kent Finlay doin Luckenbach Daylight; also, a real cool version of Sangria Wine done by The Derailers. Put this album on and be there--that's what I like about VIVA TERLINGUA! NUEVO! and, of course, Texas.
Various Artists  10/31/2006            
Displaced TXN in IN
Dear are-dub, It never ceases to amaze me that folks who wave the flag with the most vehemence are the ones who absolutely loath what it actually means to be an American - so sad. Bill of Rights? Heard of it? Texas women have always been strong and outspoken - you might want to get used to it! This is a fabulous disc and the DCs are an essential component.
Various Artists  08/09/2006            
This album is amazing if you are love rockabilly!!! It is nicely put together with some of Texas' greatest rockabilly bands!
Various Artists  07/03/2006            
I will never buy anything that has Dixie Chicks on it, are you crazy, whoever decided to do this must of been nuts, and I love Texas Music!!
Various Artists  06/25/2006            
Bill MacDonald
What a treat this CD is! The artists, many unknown to me, show enormous talent and one great tune follows another. I have it on good authority that the back-up musicians include Boots Randolph, Charlie McCoy, Harold Bradley and many others of their talent. You're feet will be tapping, guaranteed!
Various Artists  06/23/2006            
Matt Beard
Excellent album that includes some of the great song writers of their generations. The album contains a great variety of songs, from the love songs like Honee Welch's "It Must Be Love" to David Ray's "Jitterbugging Baby" that you can dance the night away to. My personal favorite is "Wild, Wild Woman" by the great Steve Wright. It's a must have for your collection.
Various Artists  06/20/2006            
Jan Stamper
The most striking feature of this album is its unsung talent - pardon the pun! These artists, although relative unknown, display an amazing array of vocal and song writing abilities. For instance, Jerry Fuller wrote melodies and lyrics that became hits for Ricky Nelson and Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. Ray Ruff followed closely in the footsteps of Buddy Holly, vocally and geographically. If you enjoy Hank Williams, listen to the Buck Griffin selections. My personal favorites are Dave Tanner's contributions. Give this Americana collection a try. You will not be disappointed.
Various Artists  05/30/2006            
I went out and bought this CD after seeing it advertised in TX Country Music magazine....I really like it a lot. All the artists on it are great and the theme of the CD is great(songs for hangin outdoors in Texas!!!) I highly recommend buying this!! It also has a new song by Honeybrowne on it--bonus!!!
Various Artists  04/26/2006            
Mark Huron
i grew up listening to his music with my dad in Gruene Texas. I really like the shows he put on. my favorite song that Kevin sings is "Lord loves the Drinking Man". He talks about livin the life of true honky tonks in Texas. Thats why Kevin is one of the greatest singers alive
Various Artists  04/23/2006            
A great tribute to Bob Wills by some true legends and superstars of country.
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