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Various Artists
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This section is for soundtracks and compilations featuring some of the best of Texas music.
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Various Artists  11/04/2005            
You left out Roger Miller! Dang Me, Dangm oughta take a rope and hang ya!
Various Artists  08/23/2005            
Great compilation of Drinkin' Songs... Some old and familiar voices, some new, but all fun.
Various Artists  08/23/2005            
joe schmoe
Fitting tribute to a fine songwriter. Stand out include Jimmy Lafave, Red dirt rangers, and Zen Okies. Great packaging.
Various Artists  08/11/2005            
cool cd. upbeat, good to drive to. i give it two thumbs up.
Various Artists  08/11/2005            
julie mac
I think this cd is awesome. It's a great cross-section of Texas music. I recommend it highly!
Various Artists  08/10/2005            
Various Artists  07/26/2005            
CD is great other than that piece of crape #20. why on earth they ever decided to put a song that is published by the muzikmafia on a Texas CD is beyond me.
Various Artists  07/16/2005            
I just picked this up the other day. I am a huge GP fan, and I also really enjoy most of the artists on this DVD. Overall I enjoyed this DVD. Some of the tunes are covered more closely to the originals than others. Highlights were Lucinda Williams, John Doe, and Dwight Yoakum,(sp?) (one of the tunes that Dwight Y. does,, he really remakes into a different direction) The only thing that I would call a disappointment was Keith Richards performances. We all know the history of Keith with Gram, so it's great here he showed up and all, but man.... this old boy is getting long in the tooth! Keith R. seemed almost choked up at times during his performances. Also, his voice was extremly thin. He has never been the strongest vocalist of course, but he is really showing his age these days. It was also sort of odd how he would sort of be playing rhythm acoustic guitar, and then sort of just drop the axe, and throw it behind his neck, and later knock out a couple of strums. He seemed like he was just way out of touch. (Ok, I'm done ranting) It's a good disc, with fine performances from most. If you are a True GP fan, check it out.
Various Artists  07/06/2005            
Edouard de Marenches
A fantastic gathering of songs. From Chicago blues to the first steel guitar hints of the West on to beach-fun California. Truck loads of fun courtesy of Dale Watson. A poignant ending with a road Blues. All throughout, great American music.
Various Artists  06/21/2005            
this album blows! all the songs start like 5 seconds into the song! all the artist are good but who ever made the cd i want to slap them!
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