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Various Artists
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This section is for soundtracks and compilations featuring some of the best of Texas music.
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Various Artists  06/21/2005            
this album blows! all the songs start like 5 seconds into the song! all the artist are good but who ever made the cd i want to slap them!
Various Artists  06/16/2005            
Katie Payne
I bought this c.d. and I LOVE it. There is something about Texas country music that a girl loves and every one of these artists are awesome!!! I would love it if Pat Green were on there, but I love all the other guys!!!
Various Artists  04/27/2005            
How long has this cd been at #1? Thats exactly where it needs to stay!! This cd never leaves my truck. I cant wait till the 2005 cd comes out, its gonna rock just as much. GOD BLESS 95.9 The Ranch for supporting AND PLAYING Texas music all day, every day. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Various Artists  03/28/2005            
Yep i'm still playing these hot licks on my night show. DFW area
Various Artists  03/17/2005            
heard MY SWEET LILY, and loved it. mcclure is truly a poetic soul. i think he needs to re-cut this song on his next studio album. kudos to a true songwriter.
Various Artists  02/14/2005            
A must have for those of you that are just catching on to texas music
Various Artists  02/14/2005            
A must have for those of you that are just catching on to texas music
Various Artists  01/08/2005            
I bet it just pisses James right off that people like Mike McClure. Pisses him right off.
Various Artists  12/25/2004            
Merry Christmas everyone. Try not to spread hate here on our Lord's birthday! Be thankful for what we have, THE BEST MUSIC IN THE COUNTRY! All the music on LSM keeps me going year round. God bless all. Pass it on along today to the people you love.
Various Artists  12/24/2004            
I have not heard this album yet but I plan on buying it. The reason I plan to buy it is because Mike McClure is on it. He is most likely the most talented artist on the CD.
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