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Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros, the legendary Texas songwriter and his new group of exceptionally talented musicians, will release their debut album, DIAMONDS IN THE SUN. The CD was produced by Lloyd Maines, with Americana gems like “Trains I Missed,” which is already creating a buzz, “The Shape I’m In” and “Stand Up Seven.” The album includes six tracks by Wilkins, two by band members, and three covers by the likes of The Band, Davis Raines, Ray Stephenson & Bob Dipiero. Live performances are already drawing comparisons to The Eagles, but the band also reflects influences such as Poco, The Lost Gonzo Band, and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Joining Wilkins on acoustic guitar are Bill Small on bass, percussion and acoustic guitar; John M. Greenberg and Marcus Eldridge on electric guitars; and Ramon Rodriguez on drums and percussion. All five are singers, four are songwriters and each has made his own records. Maines also contributed turns on steel guitar, baritone guitar, acoustic high-string guitar and mandolin. Wilkins, a gifted songwriter, has earned comparisons to Guy Clark and Kris Kristofferson. His credits include “Songs About Texas,” the single that launched Pat Green’s career, Ricky Skaggs’ “Seven Hillsides” from the GRAMMY Award-winning SOLDIER OF THE CROSS and Ty Herndon’s “Big Hopes,” which was the title track for that record. Most recently, GRAMMY Award-winning artist Pam Tillis recorded on her new CD his “Someone, Somewhere Tonight” from MUSTANG ISLAND.
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Walt Wilkins  04/20/2010            
The best ALBUMS
Dear Walt Wilkins and The Mystiqueros Thank you all for your Friendship. Ilove your new songs. You are looking great on YOU TUBE. Beautiful music. Looking forward to having you all back in NETHERLANDS. All the best Miss you all Much love from Veronique
Walt Wilkins  04/19/2010            
troy austin
i have nearly melted this cd by now. i am constantly running the roads and this cd has been spinning since i picked it up at the blue boot records release in grapevine a couple of weeks ago. walt has been one of my song writing heroes for many years, but i must say that am thoroughly enjoying the writing talent of other mystiqueros as well. the songs i find myself singing are often bill's and john's. thank you walt for helping introduce the world to more incredible talent both in writing and performing. the bonus is that these are all damn good guys who love to make music and truly appreciate their fans. keep em comin and i will keep buyin and spreadin the word!! t
Walt Wilkins  04/17/2010            
After you buy yours...buy several to give to friends. (And people you want to be your friends) If there is a better group of singers/writers/players, I'm not sure who they would be. This CD is actually love songs disguised as rock/americana hits. Love this band. I believe a lot of these songs are "old" ones of Walt's the guys in the band wanted to record. How many other hits does Walt have that are just sitting around collecting dust? The guy is a state treasure. 2nd song "Good" is flat out "GREAT". Sounds like The Eagles at their peak.
Walt Wilkins  04/16/2010            
Steve Knagg
Walt and the MQ5 do it again with another ground-breaking album of original Texas goodness! Agave was well worth the wait for the sweet harmonies, creative arrangements and legendary song writing that we have all come to expcet from this group of very talented musicians. God bless the Mystiqueros!
Walt Wilkins  03/31/2010            
Agave is the brand new release from Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros, and it has been well worth the wait and a great followup to Diamonds In The Sun. The CD opens with a solid rocking anthem, "I Will Not Make It Through" that really tells the world this is a band to be reckoned with. The journey will take you through tender love songs, upbeat melodies, and heart-wrenching blues delivered by a powerhouse band with three solid singers that blend their individual voices into a whole new dimension. One thing about this CD - it wasn't recorded by a bunch of studio musicians that barely know each other. This is the Mystiqueros themselves with a few guests sitting in for some nice touches. It's a great snapshot of this band with their tight harmonies, solid musical talents, gifted songwriting, and very existence as a cohesive unit. So many CDs don't sound at all like the live performances. Agave *IS* the band and is so very close to their live shows that you can close your eyes and see the singers. John Greenberg's "Porcelain Heart" is a wonderfully wistful love song set to a reggae-type beat. The driving beat of "You've Got A Way" will be on an upcoming episode of Friday Night Lights, but easily stands on its own as a rocking love song. If you are looking for a beautiful bluesy hymn, you will want to listen to "Miss" - a bluesy love song written by Jimmy Davis and delivered with raw emotion by Bill Small. The harmonies on this tune are gorgeous! I can easily go on and on, but the very best thing you can do is buy this CD for yourself and give it a listen. This is easily one of the best CDs of the year, and it will certainly be a favorite of mine. Excellent masterpiece, guys!!
Walt Wilkins  03/27/2010            
I heard this was in the works. Excellent news this morning!
Walt Wilkins  03/27/2010            
I'm giving it 5 stars because I've heard them play about half of the songs in the last month or so. Incredible stuff. Order it now. It's been almost 3 years since the intitial MQ5 CD. It does not sound like this one will disappoint!
Walt Wilkins  11/14/2009            
"Vigil" is just one more reason why you should buy everything this man has ever made. Click "Buy". You'll thank me later.
Walt Wilkins  11/01/2009            
Gregg and Kiersten Diamond
The new Walt Wilkins CD "Vigil" is the best CD I have bought in years. This CD is more spiritual, intimate, deep and personal than his other CDs'(which all deserve 5 stars also). Walt sings from the depths of his soul and the harmonies Tina adds are beautiful. Vigil should be a must have in everyones music library. P.S. We thoroughly enjoyed the show in Amarillo. Hope you come back soon!
Walt Wilkins  09/16/2009            
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