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Waresville Hall
Waresville Hall
4801 Dell Street
Greenville,TX 75401
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Owners, Jimmy and Cindy Ware have a mission and that is is to help spread the sound of good Texas Music and Texas Musicians to as many people as will listen, to play a small role in helping these gifted and talented artists make a living doing what they do best - entertaining us! We do this by bringing to Greenville, Texas artist who would not otherwise be in our neighborhood. This allows our friends and yours to enjoy their favorite artist without a crowd or having to drive 50 miles to Dallas and back. Waresville Halle provides a small, cozy, upclose and personal venue of 100 people or less. It's a place to come where people listen to the music instead of visiting with each other while the artist is playing. A place where both the artist and you will walk away feeling glad that you were there! Whether you are listening to your favorite artist under the stars, in the Bier Garten, by the fire or in the Halle, you've always got a "front row" seat! When you come out to Waresville Halle expect to "be away from it all." We're 50 miles east of Dallas - far enough away from the big city to see the stars but close enough to drive in less than an hour. Waresville Halle is a small venue, never more than 100 people. (usually less)
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