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Usually I post a blog wrapping up the year that was, but I’ve got so many things coming up in 2011 that I couldn’t help but write about the year that will be. Looking forward is a good thing, I’m told, so lets try this out.

We’re a week away from recording Fresh Water In The Salton Sea. If you’ve attended a show of mine in the last six months, you’ve heard a few of the songs. Some of the songs haven’t been heard by anyone. I’m looking forward to giving life to these tunes and seeing where they decided to go. I have a few enormously ambitious plans for this album, which I’ll share with you in due time. I will say that I don’t think anyone has done what I am planning to do. It’s going to be an incredibly difficult undertaking, and there’s a very real possibility that it won’t materialize at all (thus the vagueness- it’d be a bad move to spill the beans and then have the plan implode). If that’s the case, all we’ll be left with is a solid album– so that’s ok. Anyway, stay tuned.

Speaking of recording, I’m going to let you eaves drop on the process via ustream. We’ll be working from around 10 am until 10 pm each day, so if you’re looking to kill a few minutes between Monday, January 10th to Friday, January 14th, maybe you’ll consider killing it with us. Don’t expect to see a crazy party or anything… in fact, you may even be a little surprised to see how labor intensive recording can be. Anyway, during those days you can point your browser right here and you’ll be able to check out what we’re doing, and maybe hear a little bit of what’s going on, too.

So here we are– 2011. No flying cars or anything, which is a bit of a bummer… but still, big plans are starting to rear their heads out there on the horizon. Here’s to the hope that you have some big plans for this year as well. It’s probably not going to be that hard to top 2010, so lets all buckle down and take a step up together.

And if you’re planning on skipping the step and jumping up a whole flight, I hope you’ll let me get a firm grip on your coattail before you do.

be well!


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