Two of a kind Creager and Fowler look forward to playing here

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Whether they’re kicking back in Nashville or racing dune buggies through the woods at 2 a.m., Texas country stars Roger Creager and Kevin Fowler push each other to the brink of bad.

“You know, Roger’s from Corpus Christi and I love playing there, too,” Fowler said about their upcoming performance. “We decided instead of doing two separate shows, let’s do one great big one and see what kind of trouble we can get into.”

Creager and Fowler will be performing together at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Concrete Street Amphitheater.

“It’s awesome playing with Roger,” Fowler said. “We’re really good friends and it’s always fun when you can play with one of your drinking buddies. Used to, we always played together and would always see each other, but now we’ve all gotten so busy. You know, when we get together there, we’ll probably go fishing or goof off or something. It’ll be great to see Roger again.”

Fowler has been extremely busy these days, especially with his new CD scheduled to be released in early October. His new single, “Pound Sign,” from the yet-to-be named album, climbed up the charts and landed squarely at No. 1 on the Texas Country music charts for the past several weeks. Fowler said “Pound Sign” also is kicking down doors for him nationally.

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