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bill  06/18/2006          
Straight To Hell - 2 CDs
Yah, what was the 2nd reveiwer smokin? This is one of the best albums I've ever heard
seadog  04/10/2006          
Straight To Hell - 2 CDs
Hank 3 has crawled out of the shadow of his forefathers with this one. Bleak, black, and belligerent. No wonder people either scorn it or dig it. This album is a steaming whiskey piss on both Nashville and the Nashville wannabe's populating Texas these days.
mel  04/05/2006          
Straight To Hell - 2 CDs
horrible thats all that needs to be said about this clown.and i will go have a nice ragweed day or even a reckless kelly day.
johnnyTX  04/04/2006          
Straight To Hell - 2 CDs
Whiney, and just downright annoying. Too bad he aint carryin on his pop's and granddad's legacy....
Alain Joris(dj from Belgium)  03/20/2006          
Straight To Hell - 2 CDs
What a great album!!! Another one for him.Great lyrics,great music,great singer,maybe one of the best country album of all the time!!! The legend is on the way....Family tradition.
crazed-country-rebel  03/06/2006          
Straight To Hell - 2 CDs
The best CD I have heard in years. Hank III writes songs that people want to listen to, not SH#T like you think my tractors sexy. If you are a real country music fan, buy this CD. Every song on the CD is great. The standouts are pills I took. crazed country rebel, dick in dixie, low down, country heroes and not everybody likes us. Listen when I say that Hank III is the real deal. Buy the CD, you will enjoy it.

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