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J-Cam  10/04/2007          
Mission California.
I could definately hear the changes from the other cd's but the more i listened to it the less it sounded different. This is their sound and it rocks i think it is some of their best songwriting ever, ill be listening to it till the next one comes out.
DPrid  10/04/2007          
Mission California.
To me this album highlights the bands diverse array of influences. From Dylan on down to RWH and REK. I like it and look forward to every album they do.
i know  10/03/2007          
Mission California.
anyone who thinks these guys have changed their sound needs to listen to this record again. those who criticize the song writing probably just don't get the song. mac and the boys did what they always do, they made a rock record; and pritty damn good one. this tops 377 as ragweeds best work to date.
Kerry  10/03/2007          
Mission California.
I agree this cd doesn't have the same sound or feel to it as Soul Gravy or Garage...I would compare it more to Purple if I had too...It is alot more mature sounding and the songwriting is phenomenal...I saw them last night at the release party in College Station and the new songs sound awesome live...keep up the good work guys and s**t on these people who don't understand good music
Vinny The Shark  10/03/2007          
Mission California.
Do they teach reading in the Lubbock Public School District? Cody needs to get back to his roots? That's the most ridiculous thing Vinny has heard since Al Gore said he invented the internet. This CD is Nails, from start to finish. Have a nice Ragweed Day.
Lubbock, Texas  10/03/2007          
Mission California.
I’m not impressed. Personally, Cody Canada needs to go back to find his roots. The song writing is horrible. This isn’t Ragweed! BAD…
shidlerkelly  10/03/2007          
Mission California.
The more I listen to this CD, the more it grows on me. I am a hardcore Ragweed fan, so they never let me down. Yes it is different, but it works for me. I love NYCG and actually like the pop sound of it. "In Oklahome" is another of my faves along with Lawerence, and I Believe. All in All good job, its good to witness a change. I also like the fact that Plato got to sind on the album as well. Keep oup the great lyrics Cody!
Jason  10/03/2007          
Mission California.
Ragweed is a great band with a lot of musical talent, and I think they are exploring more with what they can do now. It is a good new album, certainly not the best, but it still has that same attitude that a lot of the others have. With time the songs grow on you, and you will come to like it, but some of the songs are quite a bit different in sound, and it will catch you off guard from the orinigal standpoint of Ragweed.
M Kitt  10/03/2007          
Mission California.
I have anticipated this album for a while now and got my hands on it as soon as I could. After listening to it a couple times I realize that these guys are big time now. They have gotten better on each album and this ablum is no different. Good music is a winding road, bad music is like the highway between Dallas and Fort Worth and as long as these guys keep twisting it up they are going to be alright.
Ern  10/03/2007          
Mission California.
Not impressed at all! this cd doesn't come close to many of there previous album like 377, Purple, Soul Gravy, or even Garage... believe me i'm not one of those "play Carney Man!!" or "boys from mobilehoma!!" fans I know my s**t when it comes to good music...


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